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Thread: Saakashvili will give an order soon for beginning of military operation...

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    Saakashvili will give an order soon for beginning of military operation...

    Saakashvili will give an order soon for beginning of military operation against autonomies. The restoration of territorial integrity is main Saakashvili’s task, by this way he is trying to keep his president place. Moreover during planning of this operation Saakashvili instigates other GUAM members, Azerbaijan and Moldavia first of all to realizing of similar movements.
    It’s well-known that Moldavia and Azerbaijan has analogous with Georgia problems. Moldavia hopes to get control over TransDniestrian for a long time but Azerbaijan over Nagorniy Karabakh. They say there’s detailed plan already available. The main point of Saakashvili’s ground is the fact that no one will try to stop or prevent them in case of simultaneous beginning of restoration of territorial integrity by GUAM members.
    By this way Saakashvili plays role of initiator and ideological inspirer GUAM at tome mad ideas. I hope that leaders of GUAM members will not follow this Georgian weirdo. Otherwise Europe and USA will get new job and new problems to solve.

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    Saakashvili has feigned that he’s ready to compromise

    Georgian president Saakashvili has feigned that he’s ready to compromise in Georgian-Ossetian conflict. But he’s ready to carry on a dialog just with so-called ‘alternative’ South Ossetian government headed by famous in Caucasus criminal boss Sanakoev and his mates Karkusov brothers. I don’t know any political success of those shady persons. But it’s known quite well that they co-operated with Defence Minister of Georgia Okruashvili while smuggling of different goods from Russia to Georgia. Moreover RF and South Ossetian Offices of Public Prosecutor instituted proceedings against Sanasoev and Karkusov accusing them of illegal drug distribution, smuggling, tax and impost evasion, arms traffic, extremist organizations’ creation, and military and state crimes.
    What a nice ‘service record’ for respectable politicians. That’s really worthy of Italy mafia... By the way not long ago Karkusovs’ drag courier that turned to be OSCE Georgian member had been arrested on Italian boundary with several kilograms of ‘goods’. So their net is twines round Europe either! OSCE members discredit themselves with relations with such blatant bandits. And budget of program of economic rehabilitation of zone of conflict in Caucasus is about 10 million euro. I can imagine in who would defalcated those funds in view of such ‘close co-operation’ of OSCE and Ossetian mafia.
    EU and especially OSCE should be more scrupulous choosing their partners. Or they could lose their face and lots of money.

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    Saakshvili explains Yushchenko how to carry out "democratic developments"

    Hello! I think that no one here doubts that democracy will eventually achieve victory in Ukraine. At least that gives no rise to doubt with me owing to the fact that my occupation is connected with keeping up with the political developments in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. Though, it should be noted that it is an American type of "democracy" that is about to prevail in Ukraine. In order to understand what is going to be with Ukraine, you just need to glance at Georgia where American "democracy" has a splurge. For those of you who are in the dark, I explain that after Saakashvili came to power in Georgia so-called "anti-corruption process" took rise, which resulted in real authoritative terror over population - taking the rap of all ”dissidents", tortures of members of oppositional parties, police raids against oppositional headquarters and publishing houses, etc. All this also awaits Ukraine, which is proved out by frequent phone conversations between Saakashvili and Yushchenko. It is obvious that Saakashvili is a conductor of American "democracy" to Ukraine and gives recommendations to his Ukrainian colleague on the question of carrying out "democratic developments". Honestly, I would not get surprised if tanks would appear on the streets of Kiev in the short run and shell the Parliament building. Actually, Ukrainian armed forces have already been put in operational readiness by Yushchenko's order. Besides Yushchenko is planning to resort to help of NATO forces - in 2007 they will conduct Sea Breeze-2007 military exercises in Odessa and Nikolaevskaya region. Basically there is almost nothing that can stop "democratizing" Ukraine, unless the Ukrainians rise altogether in revolt against Yushchenko and overthrow him.

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    Look at this my dear fellows! Today I would like to present you a very amusing thing - something you should see if you want to be in touch with current HR issues of the EU. That's a human rights report by group of German experts who were working in Georgia in 2006-2007 to let EU officials know the true state of HR in that country. After you read this report, you'll perceive the idea why it is still too early to invite Georgia into such global organizations like the NATO or EU. Now get into reading.

    EU report on human rights in Georgia in 2007

    The EU report on human rights presents human rights policies and actions in Georgia. The report, covering the period from May 2006 to April 2007, also seeks to evaluate Georgia's human rights policy and to identify possible improvements.


    Following a recommendation by Parliament, in June 2006 the European Commission under presidency of Germany set up a network of experts on fundamental rights aimed at improving information and analysis as regards the situation in Georgia. As part of its mandate, the network must draw up a report on the situation of fundamental rights within Georgia, based on the provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights.


    EU report on human rights in Georgia-2007.


    The report is an analysis of Georgian human rights policies and actions implemented during the period from 1 May 2006 to 30 April 2007.

    Although the Georgian government takes pride in its stated commitment to the rule of law and human rights protection, it continues to have an uneven human rights record. Restoration of territorial integrity and the fight against organized crime remain the priorities of the government’s agenda. Beginning in December 2005, the government stepped up its fight against crime and sought to break the power of organized crime bosses, including within the prison system, which resulted in more frequent use of force to subdue or punish detainees. Impunity for the actions of law enforcement officers remains a serious problem; effective investigations are rare. The executive wielded strong influence over the judiciary and took several steps to restrict freedom of expression. Some human rights groups reported government harassment.

    Georgia's partaking in UN human rights advocates conventions and other international human rights organizations did not lead to reduce of government harassment in Georgia. Since December 2005 there has been a marked increase in the use of violence by law enforcement officers during criminal investigations. The government and prosecutor's office has failed to confront the long-standing problem of impunity for excessive use of force by law enforcement agents, especially outside the metropolitan area limits.

    In connection with too long investigation periods, the majority of Georgia’s prisoners - some 72 percent of whom are held in pre-trial detention - live in overcrowded cells that are poorly ventilated and filthy. They receive inadequate nutrition and substandard medical care, have limited access to information and family visits, and in 2006 some went for weeks or months without an opportunity to leave their cells for exercise or fresh air. In some cases the conditions of detention amount to degrading treatment, such as repeated strip searches. In addition to that, inmates report periods of frequent beatings.

    Georgia's judiciary proves out to be absolutely useless. The government failed to eliminate corruption, while Supreme Court judges are forces to resign under pressure of the authorities as constitutional amendments in early 2004 increased the Georgian president’s authority to dismiss and appoint judges.

    Georgian mass media including the electronic press also proves out to be ineffective. They fail to exercise their functions as they are experiencing constant pressure of president Saakashvili and his administration. Actually free press does not exist in Georgia any more. Since 2005, when the media played a crucial role in bringing Mikhail Saakashvili to power, political television programs have disappeared and many independent media have found themselves under investigation for financial improprieties.

    There are no weighted policies in regard of national minorities in Georgia. The rights of Armenians and the Azerbaijanis in Georgia are grossly violated by the authorities who tend to toughen requirements for knowledge of the Georgian language of residents. This leads to further isolating of ethnic minorities, which might lead to early social disruptions.

    Since the Revolution of Roses, the living standards in Georgia has reduces considerably. Despite the declared gross macro-economical improvements, over 50 percent of Georgia's population lives below the poverty line, 17 percent lives below the breadline. Since 2005, the rights of women and children have been constantly violated in Georgia. Family violence has become countrywide, as well as children's work.

    Last updated: 17.05.2007

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    Georgia: pyramid of authority and construction pyramids

    Realty estate market is blooming nowadays in Tbilisi. The city is experiencing a construction boom. It’s not only about residential property - offices, shopping malls and amusement parks are under construction too.
    The only monopolist on the market is “Center-Point” construction company, owned by the Rcheulishvilis. Vakhtang, the head of the family, is known as a former politician who established his business on Russia-Georgia relations; he was the leader of the Socialist Party (which presumably received financial aid from abroad). His father Shalva, deceased, was a lawyer, in soviet times vas convicted to prison that lead to expulsion of his son from the Central Committee of the CPSU, was well known as a person who could arrange any affair for a pretty penny. Shalva made good money that made his family’s business grow easily. The mother, also deceased, was a polish Jew (this played a major role in development of family’s construction business). Vakhtang’s wife Maya, formally is at the head of the company and performs representative capacity.
    Since recently the family’s business has been expanding especially rapidly. There are more then several dozens of construction cites managed at a time. City authorities eagerly grant grounds (or facilitate the granting of new territories) in Tbilisi. Regions are also involved in this business. Authorities of Batumi have granted new grounds for new construction projects.
    So far so good. People invest in most desired and precious - roof above their heads. And they have been receiving homes so far, but with a one-to-three years delay.
    The blocks of flats that are built can not be described as beautiful. Buildings constructed by “Center-Point” have distorted the city’s look. One who has been to Tbilisi long ago would never recognize the old city now.
    Blocks of flats constructed along the river embankment in the city’s old district of Vere look appalling. And it’s not only about personal aesthetic taste - the buildings are constructed in the unfavorable ecological ambience, the district is suffocating from smog coming from all over the city.
    Nevertheless it could have been OK so far but for one important fact.
    The realty price has been soaring up of lat and the monopolist “Center-Point” plays on it sucking out all money from people who are willing to buy a home.
    It should be mentioned that the prices go up not only in the capital, but all over the country. People have nothing else to invest in. State economy (that locals call “Mikhonomy” - derivative of the name of Georgian President Mikhail (in Cahetian language - Mikho) Saakashvilli) represents nowadays the redistribution of property, in other words expropriation of money and property from big business at the beginning and this time from the middle-scale one.
    Everything is perfectly arranged. 30 per cent of income goes to state funds (different foundations, companies supporting state bodies, as an example - structures, supporting Georgian police). Instead of figures one can see ads of a local mobile net operator on license plates of police cars …
    Anyway, even this could have been OK. 20 per cent of expropriated money goes to “Center-Point” company.
    And a half goes to the president’s family which launders this money in Holland (first lady is Dutchwoman by origin). It is known that recently the Rulovs family from a fisherman’s village has rapidly improved its standard of living. The head of the family owns a brand new car and a new apartment in a town on the beach nearby (for “children” - that means for Georgian president and his wife).
    It is known that all income received by residents of Holland abroad is not taxable.
    This is the way old yellow buses appeared in the center of Tbilisi, replacing comfortable and quick-moving minibuses called “marshrutka”. This can seem ok, but the old buses come from Holland and do not meet any modern standard. They aren’t even equipped with air conditioners (it’s hard to understand who could manage their supplies for Tbilisi, where summer temperatures are over 40 degrees Celsius).
    The Ruvols did manage it, whose son-in-law is the President of Georgia. They and the family’s friends arranged the fraud with buses. Good to mention that passengers are not given any ticket in these buses - all money goes directly to city transport authorities (until recently headed by the husband of the Parliament majority leader).
    But even all this could have been ok…
    President’s family wants ever more.
    A favorable concatenation of circumstances played an important role here. President’s wife - Rulovs by birth, is actually a polish Jew. Relationship with wife of founder of “Center-Point” company was just perfect.
    Thus an alliance of pyramids was created- an authority pyramid and a construction one.
    “Center-point” was given huge benefits and money of its shareholders come to improve the president’s welfare.
    Shareholders of “Center-point” are not aware that the last of them will never get neither a home nor money back. There is no legal base in Georgia to defend shareholder’s rights.
    On the other hand shareholders keep silence even when they do not get apartments in time. There is a number of reasons for this. Not all of them invest legally earned money (law-abiding citizens of Georgia can not have enough money to buy an apartment). All shareholders are convinced that their actions to defend their rights will be regarded as an attempt of coup d’etat. Nobody would ever go to the court. And actually these courts do not exist as they execute the will of state officials, especially those ones who assure security of the Ruvols clan, doing its business with the assistance of Georgian developers.
    Who can benefit from it except for the President’s family and the developer’s family?
    The bureaucrats of Saakashvilli can, who keep vigilant watch on their patron’s family business and get the official’s fee. Also foreign visitors who come to Georgia for business trips and receive expensive gifts.
    Tax payers of the USA and European countries should take an interest in how do their compatriots engaged in Caucasus issues get money and expensive gifts.
    Who exactly can be interested in it?
    The people of Holland should ask where do average residents, not only soccer coaches, get extra money from. Particularly those residents whose daughter has married Georgian President and established a fraudulent scheme to suck money out of her husband’s compatriots.

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    President of Georgia Saakashvili is a hardface!

    I knew that Saakashvili is a one in a million bastard! I just found information in the internet saying that this XXXXX is about to arrange a terrific acts of provocation against unrecognized autonomy of South Ossetia. This provocation is aimed to make South Ossetia rejoin Georgia under force of arms fire! As I was able to learn, the would-be provocation has already a name of "March of Peace", which has nothing to do with peace at all!
    This is a deceit! Saakashvili is lacking popularity among the population of his own country. Next year there will be presidential election in Georgia. Sure enough, Saakashvili is pretty aware that he has no chances to be re-elected unless he makes some popular decisions. Re-unification of Georgia and South Ossetia must be one of them but it will surely cost both Georgians and Ossetians many lives. Ossetians want sovereignty and of course they will fight to death for it to stop intrusion of Georgians, which the alleged "march of peace" in fact is.
    According to Saakashvili's plan, a few thousands of non-military citizens of Georgia with children among them will march to the capital of South Ossetia. Once they are there, the marches will seize the reins of power after which Georgian armed forces will enter the territory of South Ossetia. I hope you understand what it will end with! I'm sure there will be dozens of killed on the both sides. Which is most sorrowful, children will get come to harm. Saakashvili must not do it! It is inhuman outrage! How on earth this monster managed to become president!

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    soon ryu will hadouken ken
    There was a demon that lived in the air. They said whoever challenged him would die. Their controls would freeze up, their planes would buffet wildly, and they would disintegrate. The demon lived at Mach 1 on the meter, seven hundred and fifty miles an hour, where the air could no longer move out of the way. He lived behind a barrier through which they said no man could ever pass. They called it the sound barrier.

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    My reflections on democracy in Georgia

    I hope it is already clear to everyone that Revolution of Roses in Georgia is mere profanation that has nothing in common with democratic developments. As deplorable as it may be, Saakashvili turned out to be a dictator who is absolutely ignorant of what his nation lives by. What currently is taking place in the region of Georgia can be compared with the scenario of Latin America that is torn by war and the power is in the hands of bellicose clans. What can really save Georgia from Latin American scenario, that's a complete coup and change of power. That said, the power should not come to hand of such individuals like Saakashvili's former sidekick Okruashvili. When he was giving his latest interview, he said he would re-unite Georgia and its autonomies by force of weapon which promises a new war in the Northern Caucasus. Europe must help Georgia become a real democratic state, otherwise the US will eventually bring to power a worse dictator as tyrannizing as Saddam Hussein or Augusto Pinochet.

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    A coup in Georgia by force of GB failed

    In fall 2003, current president of ex-Soviet Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili came into office through the agency of Western European (mainly British) political experts in non-violent take-over of political authorities. It was an attempt to let Georgia join the democratic world and become a member of such international organizations as NATO and EU.
    Naturally, European politicians anchored a lot of hopes on Saakashvili. And what? He failed to live up to our expectations. Little by little, Saakashvili began to show his real face of a tyrant. To the contrary of our expectations, Georgia was becoming less and less democratic, which can be explained by Saakashvili's yearning to assert his power. He began to exert pressure on opposition and independent media. As a result, nowadays there is virtually no effectual opposition in Georgia and almost every news agency is censored by the authorities, which means there is no freedom of speech in that country.
    In fine, Saakashvili became a great problem for Europe. This being sad, I bet my boots that Saakashvili will never abandon presidency, at least not of his own volition, and will eventually become permanent head of state. Exactly that is why the British government decided to carry out a sudden take-over while Saakashvili was on visit to Washington. To start with, former defense minister Irakli Okruashvili (now supported by London) made a stunning statement accusing Saakashvili of being despotic and outrageous tyrant who gave directions to take in charge oppositional leaders, lock them up, torture them or holding to ransom and even killing them. According to Okruashvili, in 2005, Saakashvili even ordered him to put out of the way Badri Patarkatsishvili, prominent philanthropist and owner of oppositional Imedi TV channel.
    Eventually, the take-over failed and Irakli Okruashvili himself was taken in charge. While in prison, he was given abusive treatment and is even said to have been tortured to make him recall his accusations of president Saakashvili.
    In this situation London decided not to throw up cards and let Okruashvili go bail for approximately $6 mln, and proceeded to much slower plan B of deposition of Saakashvili. In order to speed up this process, London chose to invoke an investigation into crimes of Saakashvili and other members of Georgian ruling elite in the Hague Court. The testimony would proceed from Okruashvili.
    It is not improbable that as the inquiry progresses, it would also through light on numerous crimes of Americans in Georgia that include construction of secret CIA prisons and secret biological laboratories there that develop new types of American biological weapons; classified test of these biological weapons being carried out upon Georgian population and inmates of Georgian prisons. Americans are also said to be involved into drug traffic through Georgia into Europe, trade in nuclear materials that can be found in laboratories abandoned after the break-up of the USSR, and other nuclear commerce that include selling American nuclear technologies to third countries.

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    Has the world gone blind?

    Has the world gone blind? Do democratic America and enlightened Europe see nothing extraordinary and wild in small Georgia in distant Caucasus mountains? Independent democratic Georgia is a child they gave birth to. And this child presently is being tortured by a nutty maniac they trusted to care after it. Saakashvili is a maniac. My medical background makes me think so.
    Happily I’ve got eyes and I could watch how POLICE IN TBILISI WERE HUNTING FOR FOREIGN JOURNALISTS to break their cameras into pieces. Saakashvili hates the idea people in the other countries could see how the police beat up the demonstrators, how bandits hired by Merabishvili stub unarmed men and women with knives and shoot in the policemen to deliberately instigate more of violence. In the crowd I saw with my own eyes my neighbor Gogi sentenced to 5year prison term 2 months ago on raping charge. He was among the attackers shouting, ‘Kill’em all!’. Together with a wounded foreign journalist we turned a policeman for help. But he couldn’t utter a word in Georgian! The man turned out to be a Turk or a Chechen (he spoke to his pal fluent Turkish language). I think Saakashvili gathered lots of foreign professionals in subversive trade and other rubbish in Tbilisi to oppose protestors. I mean he had been preparing that carnage before peaceful demonstration of the Georgian opposition started. And I can’t exclude they’ll go on with something more to fully subdue opposition forces. The number of victims in Tbilisi is over 2500! Unthinkable atrocity against own people!
    Saakashvili introduced that state of emergency on nod from Washington. So those dramatic events here is due to Bush and his command. International community must bring them all to answer!! The sooner they do it the better so that new tragedy won’t happen.

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    Situation in Georgia worsening

    Hello! Perhaps, many of you have already heard about those terrific happenings in Georgia last week when an opposition protest rally was violently dispersed by Georgian police and special task forces with the use of tear and asphyxiating gas, rubber truncheons and bullets, water cannons, and even such most newly developed PT weapon as microwave guns. That's one of the most recent crowd-control weapon developed by Pentagon for the use in Iraq and Iran. However, it hasn't yet passed a probation, so it's lethality hasn't been investigated yet. However that may be, these MW-guns and asphyxiating gas are neither more nor less than antipersonnel weapon! Wasn't that too much for a crowd of defenseless people even though they were demanding resignation of Saakashvili? Perhaps, Saalishvili is so impressible that he decided to use all the force he had in possession to repress the rally? How stupid, isn't it? And how cruel! I hope that lives of more than thirty people who died during the dispersal and injuries of over 2,000 people will be on the head of Saakashvili! For another thing, that's good that Saakashvili has antedated Georgia's next presidential election on January 5, 2008, instead of autumn. But what's the sense of it? Right after the dispersal, he imposed a state of emergency that bans not only all kinds of rallies and demonstrations, but also the work of all news media except the pro-Saakashvili central TV channel. Journalists don't even have any opportunity for covering the situation. Those who still make a try, get deprived of their cameras and get locked up (if their are less fortunate, they get blackjacked or beaten to a mummy). The whole Georgian population is in informational obstruction, when leaders of Georgian opposition have no chance to get prepared and suggest themselves for president. I think this is something unprecedented! In case Saakashvili does not lift the state of emergency, I call governments of European states to disacknowledge results of this pre-term presidential election for it will be certainly illegitimate!

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    Where do European vital interests stay?

    That humiliation of opposition forces like it was in Georgia I see as an attack on democracy. Unfortunately it seems to be not an exception but rather a rule in the countries coached by USA in democracy.
    If you are not brainwashed by mass media and can judge by your own experience you’ll see no democracy in fact say in Baltic states or Poland or Bulgaria. All of them are areas of American vital interests. But I guess America is least interested in building democracies there. They need the well ruled states following American led to build their military facilities there or use them some other way. That’s all. Look at Estonia or Latvia. Can fascists march in broad daylight in really democratic countries? There it’s possible. There has been recently hunt for former security agents in Poland. And in Ukraine they are busy erecting monuments to killers of Jews and Poles in WWII time. It has nothing to do with democracy. But guys in Washington prefer to ignore this ‘cause it doesn’t involve their vital interests in the area. A baffling mystery for me is that why EU strongmen are swallowing it. All those countries are either in EU already or bordering it. So we should like to see full-fledged democracies there ‘cause it’s issue of European vital interests!!

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    More One Hit Wonders

    Anyone else notice the recent proliferation of 1 post political posters in here?

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    Okruashvili speaks against Saakashvili in German jail

    Hey! I am not sure think that Georgian ex-defense minister and leader of oppositional party Irakli Okruashvili took a risky plunge when deciding to leave his native Georgia for Germany and criticize the Georgian tyrant, Saakashvili from abroad. In his home country Okruashvili has absolutely no opportunity to criticize the regime of Saakashvili as it uses such undemocratic methods of jumping down throat of opposition like taking into custody, intimidations and even open aggression against oppositional leaders and members of oppositional movements and parties (like during dispersion of opposition protest rally earlier in November).
    When Okruashvili arrived to Germany he went on criticizing Saakashvili accusing him of political assassinations, economic and social collapse, misusing power, corruption, etc. Even though Okruashvili got detained by German police. And now I really doubt Okruashvili is actually in safety. You never can be sure that laws are always the same in EU. There have been lots of cases when notorious criminals were not deported from Europe, say Berezovsky, while more or less innocent people were put into prison to die there under some mysterious circumstances. When dealing with EU countries you should stay fully aware of the fact. And it makes really scary many thinking Europeans I shoulkd say.

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    Warlike Georgia is digging up the hatchet!

    Did you notice that ex-Soviet Georgia is acting with increasing impudence and forwardness in its relations with Abkhazia?
    As you may know already, this breakaway autonomy is straining after sovereignty, when all these flights of Georgian US-made pilotless spy-planes over the territory of Abkhazia are illegitimate as they violate Abkhazian own airspace!
    These intrusive flights also make me think that Georgia, or rather its president Mikhail Saakashvili, is hatching a plot of a whooping major aggression or an act of provocation against Abkhazia and Russian peacekeeping forces that were deployed there years ago. As a result of that, bloodshed may once again happen in Abkhazia! When this occurs, the responsibility should be rested upon "the big four" – the US, Great Britain, France and Germany – as these countries happen to be propelling aggressor Saakashvili into recklessness.

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