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Thread: Ten Percent Across the Board Tax

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    Ten Percent Across the Board Tax

    Do you support the Ten Percent Across the Board Tax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin
    Do you support the Ten Percent Across the Board Tax.

    It is obvious that knowledge of the current Internal Revenue Code needs drastic improvement. You need to remember that the "income tax" is an excise tax on corporate profits. Not knowing the basics got you side tracked.

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    Thumbs up Don't pay income taxes very legally

    Absolutely not. I support the disolution of the IRS and the income tax. Along with SS and medicaid/medicare taxes and the removal of the federal gov't from any and all things not proscribed by law within the framework of the Constitution. But to be perfectly honest, the law that the IRS bases the code on completely and irrefuteably exempts all private enterprises and private earned money from work. Don't believe me? Take a look at the actual laws the code itself, not what the IRS publishes. The IRS has lied to you and stolen more than half your pay for your entire life. Find out how you too can actually make a difference in the way our gov't operates. Go to for the truth. I've read the book and then went to the actual titles in the US Code of laws and found that the things contained on that site are 100% true as far as the contents of the book and what its author says. I can't verify all the refund checks posted there of refunds issued for 100% of all SS, medicare, medicaid and income taxes. But there are well over $10,000,000.00 worth of them from people all across the U.S. saying they are. Save your country and your rights as a US citizen before it is too late. Just go check it out and then read the actual laws in the Title haaving to do with the IRS. You need to go to the first website mentioned to understand what you will be looking for when going to
    when at the gov't site scroll down to Title 26. That is the one for the IRS. Have fun and try not to get too angry. Just channel that anger toward the changes that have to take place in this corrupt gov't we are subject to.

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