Which do you like better - huge Russia (so well placed on the crossroads of two civilizations) integrated with the East or Russia integrated with the West? For Europe the last is preferable clearly but perhaps not for America. I guess they are mainly due to America, those debates on Russia’s status in G8.
In 90’s when accepted into G7 as number 8 Russia was doing really badly in economics and advancing of democracy. Still her status in G8 was not doubted by America. Now when she’s taking off and has reached up the position to donate into many G8 programs America demands “to sort it out with non-democratic Russia”. Why? I guess it’s no brainer. America doesn’t want mighty Russia emerging as a superpower again and it doesn’t want mighty Europe as well. Americans would like Europeans and Russians at odds to weaken them both.
BTW many smaller “non-developed” countries are already calling G8 “non-democratic elite club”. If we continue with this America initiated clamp down on Russia we’ll exactly correspond to this definition. If we are really after spreading democracy and bettering life worldwide we shouldn’t follow this way.