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Thread: Masters of Europe

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    Masters of Europe

    Austrian political police is accused in trampling rights of Chechen refugees and spying after Iranian ones. This entire affair was begun and exaggerated by US and British Special Services on for no reason at all. Mind you that nobody’s interested in espionage after Chechens in Austria but the corresponding Special Services.
    On the other hand don’t you think that it is quite strange that suddenly such “active antiterrorist fighters” as United States and Great Britain began protecting interests of that population group which is the main supplier of suicide bombers for terrorists? I think it’s not! These two superstates are aiming to get their hands on whole the world and already feel at home almost everywhere! And those extremists are their obedient puppets. They give asylum to such terrorist leaders as Zakaev in UK or Akhmadov in US. By the way these Eminent Figures are getting numerous grants of respectable funds and medical insurance and monthly pensions and meeting with different politicians and journalists. And after that the world community wonders where do they get funds and information?
    And this information and accusation of political police of Austria comes from the same source! It turns out that Europeans are forbidden to take any measures against extremists without Yankees’ or British permission. UK and US support terrorists and defend their interests. And when it needed they put on guise of furious antiterrorist fighters. And we’re here should sit quietly and keep silence waiting for command to enter their puppet show!

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    Lukashenko under question

    Huh, Lukashenko is so-o-o-o pathetic! I mean that’s so naive of him to expect that he’s going to be forgiven for all his crimes against human rights and be treated like equal granted that he made up his mind to act “friendly to the West”. Snooks! You were a dictator and still remain one! You were hard on your people, suppressed heavily opposition, and outraged human rights! No one will let you get away with it! Even though nowadays European politicians pretend not to know anything about your crimes, there are still too many people in your own country who will die to put you behind the bars (like, for example, our journalist Zavadski)! Just as well there is an oppositional organization of Charter-97 ( and many other defenders of true democracy in Belarus who will keep applying to International Court of Justice and various human rights organizations with a demand to put you to trial! As long as we need you, you will not come up for trial. That’s not for long, though! Quite soon we will get all we wanted from you and from that moment on your restful life is over! You will serve you time in jail like Pinochet! You will be accountable for all you crimes!

    By the way, I recommend you visit Charter-97 website, they’ve got english version too. There’s plenty of what you’ve never heard of Lukashenko!

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    As the politics changes its gear as election come closer , the stock market also bears the same thing. There are some of the market which got up & down as the government changes or remain the same. Stock market is basically based on the over all country wise games. It really effect whole market behavior

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