The situation in Afghanistan is getting out of our hand. Yesterday, as a result of car accident in Kabul because of US’ soldiers was provoked mass disorders and protest actions. And active participants of these disorders were natives of Pakistan, Caucasus, Iraq and Afghanistan who were trained by US instructors in hope to use them by organization of new velvet revolutions in Central Asia (like revolution in Kirghizia). We brought up, prepared and provided them but they are turning their weapons against us now.
And as a result of it we stepped on the same rake as happened with al Qaeda and Taliban. Now we have only one difference – look, we could have used both organizations in our own interests. However at present time prepared by US instructors troops of soldiers-of-fortune are trying to rush presidential palace with slogans ‘Death to Karzay!’ and ‘Death to America!’.
Unfortunately I can’t understand the policy of our government, why we make one mistake over and over again. I think that this policy of US – to create artificial problem and than to try to solve it by hunting after our offenders all over the world.