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Thread: Tips about Parenting

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    John Milosevic Guest

    Tips about Parenting

    Does anyone out there have a teenager between 13-17?
    I have a sixteen year old. Beleive me, she is a pain in my butt. You know how kids their age act like they know it all and have to argue with us? Pain huh?
    Kids need more discipline today. I don't mean reviving the old belt method. I mean firm groundings. I know some parents who say grounding but it does not mean anything. Sometimes, parents take away the gameboy, or the iPod, but that does not mean the kid is not going to do his or her other fun things. People need to be heavy duty on this.
    I think that kids today, some, are just horrible little brats. Now, I said SOME. My daughter, she tells me she hates me, and thinks I am unfair. A good example would be she cursed me out, and I told her she is grounded. Of course, I slapped her right on the face first. But, she thinks that is unfair. She goes, "This is Amerika. I should be allowed to speak out against you if I want."
    No, cause in my house, Amerika does not own you. I do. It is a communist/dictatorship in my house, and you do things my way, or you best be walking.
    Kids expect their parents to be easy. My daughter wants later curphews, able to spend more time with her boyfriends than I allow, wants to be on the phone all the time, wants to be on the computer all the time, wants to dress like a slut all the time, wants to curse me out all the time, wants to spend more time ******* than getting good grades, it is just so frustrating.
    Kids like mine need to realize that if their parents are as strict with me in the sense that I limit phone, computer, boyfriend time, and have a curphew for her. I am not the only parent in Amerika that is strict or unfair. But, kids with parents like me need to realize I am doing this for their own good and am trying to protect them.
    If I gave my daughter longer curphew, she would go and have sex, use drugs, or alcohol. If I let me daughter on the computer to long, she could get in trouble. If I let her be on the phone to long, my phone bill goes up. If I let her spend all day with her boyfriend, that makes me suspicious.
    Now, some kids in America are not bad kids. Some for instance are angels. They do their homework, get good grades, and have appropriate behavior and can exhibit this behavior in great ammounts.
    -John Hertev Milosevicc

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    Some kids are angels. But they're not made by being treated as if they're devils. If you have no trust at all for your child and use force to control them, then they may well just 'be walking'. She's sixteen, you should be able to trust her to use a computer, make more of her own decisions and not be just desperate to take cocaine and sleep with every boy she meets.

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