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Thread: Does US need a velvet revolution in Azerbaijan?

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    Does US need a velvet revolution in Azerbaijan?

    Bush hardly knows that his people from Department of State are preparing a velvet revolution in Azerbaijan. As you know Azerbaijani parliamentary elections are coming and State Department officers began meeting Azerbaijani oppositionists, consulting them and supporting them financially. Most of oppositionists are radical Islamists who are in longstanding separatist conflict against Azerbaijani government. They desire to gain revenge for the loss of Karabah and to resume armed conflict with Armenia. There is already tension between these two countries and if national oppositionists come to power Azerbaijan will be drawn into war against Armenia once again. Now because of Ms. Rice’s lack of foresight our main ally in an open conflict with Iran and in concealed confrontation with Turkey can be involved into a big trouble. Was it our aim or her folly? Do we need a weak ally and where should we seek a strong one then?

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    Armenians don’t want war! Azerbaijanis do!

    Hello! I am from Georgian region of Javahkh, one of those who called ethnic Armenians. Perhaps many of you know that relations between Armenians of Javahkh and Georgian authority are becoming strained enough. But I assure you it is not us who make things worse. There is a third part which is doing a lot to make Georgians and Armenians hate each other. This third part is Azerbaijan of course for it is namely Azerbaijani media that makes special reference to alleged intent of Javahkh Armenians to separate from Georgia! That’s a mere insinuation! What we really want is to make the Armenian language recognized in Georgia, also acknowledge Armenian genocide by Georgian authority. True, we also want Javahkh be an autonomy, but that doesn’t mean we want to separate! But all the same, Azerbaijani media repeats in all sharps and flats that we want none other but separation, which forces Georgian authority assume measures against alleged separatism. What Azerbaijan really wants is to set Georgians against ethnic Armenians, when at the same time take occasion of a new conflict to take seize of Nagorno-Karabakh region!

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    Azerbaijanis of Kvemo-Kartly for separation!

    Hello! My name is Khalim. I live in Kvemo-Kartli, Georgia - the place where ethnic Azerbaijanis live and I am one of them. Even though it has been so much said about oppressions of ethnic minorities in Georgia, I’m going to speak about it once again because nothing actually changes! Four months have passed since Delegation of Congress of World Azerbaijanis and National Assembly of Georgia’s Azerbaijanis came to Tbilisi to settle this problem, and what? Still nothing! The problem of our rights violation got nowhere! We see that Georgia’s authority is merely trying to make our life unbearable as they wait us to leave Georgia on our own to clear the land for Georgian transmigrators. But we are not going anywhere because Kvemo-Kartly is our native land where our remote ancestors lived! So it goes that the only solution is separation of Kvemo-Kartly from main Georgia! We cannot suffer it any more! We got to separate!

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    Post oh cool, this information is really

    oh cool, this information is really useful and definately is comment worthy!

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    Stupid bots..

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    Thank you for this discussion which discloses the non-wisdom of tribalism.

    One of the great fortunes of the founders of the United States is that they learned of the wisdom of the Iroquois which I shall discuss in another thread, "The Good Message of the Iroquois."
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