Is it really a peace-keeping body?

Look at some of these failures:

Dutch Government resigns as a result of U.N. "peace-keeping".

U.N. fails to condemn slavery in Sudan.

The U.N. is even a joke in Sierra Leone.

Where was the U.N. during the massacre in Rwanda in 1994?

Where were they when Mugabe expunged all white farmers from Zimbabwe, and caused a famine that threatens to kill 8 million? Now they are talking with Mugabe about how to avert the disaster. What a joke!

They impede or war in Iraq, claiming diplomacy and inspections are the only answer. At the same time, they refuse to discuss the North Korea's brazen moves.

U.N. ignores more human rights abuses. This time in Iran.

U.N. takes over in East Timor, and then drops the ball leading to further violence and anarchy.

Remember those Buddist statues in Afghanistan that the Taliban destroyed? Well, you guessed it. The U.N. failed to save them.

The U.N. fails to protect those displaced by a civil war in Angola.

That's right. The U.N. failed in Kashmir, too.

The U.N. failed in Somalia.

The U.N. failed in Bosnia.

The U.N. failed in Israel.

The U.N. failed in Columbia.

The U. N. failed in Iraq.

Bottom line, the U.N. is a failure, and it is time to dissolve that money sucking waste of time and energy. Anyone who would defend such a utter failure is just as inept as that political body. It takes a certain kind. Somebody must either have a perverse view of human kindness, or a sick sense of humor, if they still place any credibility in the U.N..