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Thread: Long List of U.N. Failures

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    UN Failures

    Hey everyone,
    I'm a 16 year old Junior. I'm on my schools debate team, actually I pretty much founded it. This years debate is over the United Nations and whether the US should increase support or not. Working with the negative, I can go as far to say that the US should leave the UN. And I am doing so. But in order to prove some points, I could use some factual information on UN failures. I've found some, but I need some hard stuff and it sounds like some of you know this stuff. If any of you can help me I'd appreciate it. Thanks,
    Will Sergent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Famous Amos
    We did, and they later removed all of their diplomats from Iraq. They currently have 8 in Iraq. This is the same UN that proposed and passed a bill that said that Saddam had to comply our face "serious consequences", yet when he failed to comply they failed to impose those serious consequences upon him. This is the same UN that warned us not to go into Fallujah. This is the same UN that claims to protect human rights world-wide, yet the allowed the oil-for-food scandal to go on, in turn depriving innocent Iraqis of the humanitarian aid they were promised (this money went to Saddam, France, Russia, China, etc).
    The problem is that they DID comply. Why would the UN impose serious consequences, sinc ehe had complied? All they really asked for was more documentation regarding WMDs and destruction of WMD's and unrestricted access for inspectors.

    They recieved 48 hours later several truckloads of documents. Everything they asked fo and several tons that they hadn't. Blix, who had really not asked for any kind of intervention as far as cooperation went, reported that they had unrestriceted access and the only bumps in the road were disputes of who should payt for communications towers for the UN inspectors.

    Blix issued several reports showing that Iraq was disarmed, we simply chose not to believe them. We were on a witch hunt and weren't about to stop until we found a witch.
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