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Thread: 1987: random unfinshed thoughts

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    1987: random unfinshed thoughts

    When love is gone
    routine remains
    and trivia fills the empty space

    June 1987

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    You say " I don't remember"
    You say " Why should I go ?"
    But you know you do remember
    and you know that you will go

    You say "It's all forgotten"
    You say "I don't recall"
    But how could you've forgotten
    the place you learnt to walk ? "

    June 1987

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    How to live

    Instructions for waking up correctly

    1. Step off the omnibus of your dreams.
    (when it slows down ) carefully

    2. Roll up your eyelids open
    Slowly let the daylight touch your mind
    while checking who you are and where

    3. Stretch your limbs a la cat, gently
    Caution: do not push a fist in your sleeping partner's eye

    4. Optional: Weigh pros and cons of facing another day

    July 1987

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