Is it possible that all of our worrying about climate change and the effect that it will have is completely moot due to technological advance? If in 40 years we actually achieve the artificial intelligence singularity as is currently projected then that leaves two things worth considering. The first is that in 40 years we are going to make such a massive leap in technology that it is hard to imagine that we won't have solved and created more issues that we can even imagine right now. That will almost inevitably include a massive change in how we power our world but will also include genetic tweaking of humans and all other species of plant and animal on the planet. We may create trees that can absorb dozens of times more carbon than current ones and create livestock that don't produce nearly as much methane. We'll possibly even be able to adapt ourselves and our crops to survive in the changing climate if need be. Once the singularity is achieved our technological march will begin growing even faster assuming we can avoid any wars. Wars at this technological level would again make all climate change fears moot as it would be so much worse than anything climate change could cause us. Peaceful technological growth over a few more decades will almost certainly grant us mastery over our planet's environment allowing us to change it as needed.

I just don't see the point in worrying about climate change in the face of technological advance. Either we will use technology to overcome climate issues or use it to cause issues far worse. Climate change is just happening too slow compared to our technological advance to seem all that relevant.