Hello guys :D

Browsing the internet I stumbled upon this forum and it looks nice. On my free time I am highly invested into my own webforum. One I guess you could say has a similar niche but we also engage in a lot of discussion regarding Religion, Society, God, Science and more. I am trying this new thing where I join other forums and get involved and interact to observe ideas or ways I can help my own forum (I see this forum as my baby). However, enought about all of that.

I'd like to add if I am breaking any forum rules let me know and I will fix. I couldn't find a rules section on here.

I personally believe truth conquers all. I think people don't notice how often they lie to themselves and others. Often we change our personalities, thoughts, opinions and more subconsciously. In today's society it is too common to falsify your character due to social pressure or being "politically correct". I refuse to let the world control my subconscious and I hope to liberate people from similar pressures. I understand I am being optimistic, but hey that's not a crime!