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Thread: Online Ammunition Retailers Being Sued

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    Online Ammunition Retailers Being Sued

    Why would anyone need over 4,000 rounds of ammo for a law abiding purpose? Lives should take priority over profits.
    "Indeed, not a word in the constitutional text even arguably supports the Courtís overwrought and novel description of the Second Amendment as 'elevat[ing] above all other interests' 'the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home.' Ante,at 63."
    -Justice Stevens on the Heller ruling

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galileo View Post
    Why would anyone need over 4,000 rounds of ammo for a law abiding purpose?
    Perhaps for the same reason a Los Angeles school district apparently has need for a mine-resistant armored personnel transport vehicle, sixty one machine guns, and three grenade launchers.

    Ultimately no single individual is competent or capable of passing judgement over what others do or do not need. It has been demonstrated countless times that a one size fits all approach is both inadequate and inappropriate for determining what policies should or should not be in place.

    Lives should take priority over profits.
    No one is saying that they do not. However this lawsuit is completely frivolous in nature and will be dismissed upon reaching court. Neither the Brady Center nor anyone else will be capable of proving that these websites knowingly did anything wrong in carrying out business as usual. Nor will they be able to prove that the websites should have known that something was amiss.

    Any attempt at mandating reporting of ammo purchases that occur above an arbitrarily set number will result in countless false positives that will waste finite law enforcement resources, while adding yet another layer of paperwork that will get lost in the shuffle along with everything else. More paperwork is neither an answer nor a solution. Set the number too low and police will be questioning millions of people as to why they purchased one hundred rounds of twenty two caliber rimfire ammunition. Set the number too high and critics will continually yell and utilize hyperbole that the reporting standards have easily exploited loopholes that allow deranged individuals to amass dangerous arsenals.

    Even if James Holmes could not have purchased four thousand rounds of ammunition it would have done nothing to stop his rampage as he was not carrying four thousand rounds of ammunition on his person at the time. The usage of his rifle was stopped when his Beta-C magazine jammed on him, as is common with the shortcomings of the design.

    Furthermore the link contains outdated and erroneous information. James Holmes was not in possession of anything resembling a bullet-proof vest. The Blackhawk brand urban assault vest is a nylon-based load-bearing vest designed for carrying magazines and accessories. It is devoid of any protective qualities whatsoever.
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    If one cannot have an argument without resorting to hyperbole, name calling and emotional rhetoric, then they have lost the argument from their first post.

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    Why would these gov. agencies need to arm up?
    To name a few. And it is way more than 4000 rounds of ammo, and actual assault rifles plus IOTV's. Getting ready for a war?
    OK for them but not us?
    Gun Control? "We'll Fight Them, Sir!, Until Hell Freezes Over, And Then We'll Fight Them On The Ice! Sir!

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