Hello everyone!

I'm of the mindset that I wished that user forums about politics did not have to exist. But as everyone that visits a board like this knows, these days we have no choice. I believe that government, especially the United States Federal Government, has become far too big and bloated to the point, that it's just a smidgen of what the founding fathers had created when they signed the U.S. Constitution. I can think of many things that I would rather spend my hard earned dollars on, other than high taxes. I am a Libertarian who very carefully researches who I vote for and I wish that everyone who votes would be the same way, so that we can have the best government that is possible. I really hated just using the words "best government" in the same sentence!

I believe that creating an individual's dependency on the federal government, is nothing but a form of slavery. All forms of government dependence / slavery need to be abolished, so all people can live a life of prosperity and dignity. To keep people down and dependent is not how to run a country and certainly not an acceptable way to assure political election wins. Every human being is more than a vote, but today many politicians see them as just that and nothing more.

I am a very active person, with a very large family. I try to play with my family, at least as many hours as I spend in my SOHO. My hours tend to be very erratic as my business, while not huge by any means, does have clients in many different time zones around the globe, so when they call, I answer. Please accept my apology in advance and don't be surprised if I don't respond to a message within a day or two. Sometimes I need to leave town to attend to business and when that occurs, I am not enjoying much personal time. But also, please be assured that I will respond to any and all if things are cordial.

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) so that explains why my messages may tend to be a bit longer than most. I would highly recommend DNS to anyone that has a lot to say and / or is currently typing a lot. No, I do not work for DNS, just a long time user that believes in the product.

Peace be with you and yours.
God bless everyone, whatever your political leanings may be, after all, most of us here are Americans!