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Thread: The Vampire lusts for BLOOD!

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    The Vampire lusts for BLOOD!


    Israeli airstrikes near Lebanon-Syria border
    Israeli airstrikes: Residents in Nabi Sheet, a remote village in the eastern Bekaa Valley, reported hearing several explosions late Monday, but the nature of the blasts was unclear.

    By Associated Press / February 24, 2014



    Israeli aircraft carried out two airstrikes Monday near the Lebanese-Syrian border, Lebanon's state news agency said. There was no immediate confirmation from Lebanese security officials, and the Israeli military declined comment.

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    Lebanon's National News Agency said the air raids took place near Nabi Sheet, a remote village in the eastern Bekaa Valley. The agency did not say what was targeted in the attack.

    The porous border is frequently used by fighters and smugglers to move people and weapons between Lebanon and Syria. The Lebanese Shiite militant Hezbollah group, a close ally of Syria and a bitter enemy ofIsrael, also has a strong presence in the Bekaa area.

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    Peace in this region is something that has been long sought after, however it's quite obvious there will always be conflict between both the Israeli and its neighbors.

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