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Thread: Fascism Vs. National Socialism

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    Fascism Vs. National Socialism

    Political analysts ,pundits ,and those eager to toss vindictive verbiage at their opponents simply use fascism and nazism interchangeably . But there are significant differences . These differences are meaningless in the minds of the eager beavers protesting some political action they deem as too right wing.

    I'm familiar with both systems and here's my assessment.

    The biggest difference between them is that in National socialism there's a greater regard to natural law and its inclusion in their political and economic ideology. This doesn't mean that N.S. adheres to the laws of nature in a literal sense, but only considers their application, if possible ,and only obliquely , in the cultural and social life of the nation.

    Fascism clearly does not , at least not in its social structural . This is why you find fascist governments in Latin America ,where human evolutionary biology is omitted from school curricula.

    In fascism ,emphasis is placed on its corporate structure, where a small cadre of officials take a hand in guiding and using for the benefit of the military ,patriotic education ,and infrastructure.

    The government functions with few ,if any ,real checks or balances ,save the various patriotic ,nationalist groups, that are somewhat independent of government or the corporate structure.

    An example would be the Spanish falangist unions and paramilitary groups ,that served to keep a check on the politicos ,for the express purpose of ensuring that they live up to their nationalist ideals.

    That is whenever the Madrid Government appeared at times , to waver from promoting the strong national identity, that helped to bring it to power.

    In N.S. the people are far more united under the leadership principle . The corporate structure is always subordinated to the inner circle of leadership . And only can function when the good of the people is the first objective in the business world and can be clearly demonstrated .
    If not ,then the state can take arbitrary action to either socialize any business or even any industry, if need be.

    In N.S. the needs of the people come first!
    paramilitary groups are quickly done away with after they have served their purpose and absorbed into various party departments . As happened in Germany in 1934 to the S.A.

    The fascists rely less on racial identity and more on past historical connections to territory.

    In fascism there is the constant eyeing for expansion and overseas colonies.

    In N.S. the mantra usually is :"one tongue, one blood ,demands one soil!"

    Unlike marxist governments and all democracies , the N.S. do not believe that the nazi idelogy is for everyone.
    And therefore ,never attempt to superimpose their beliefs on other nations.
    In fact ,given the N.S. doctrines of natural law ,there is far less chance of conflict ,and far greater chance of mutual respect among all nations.

    Fascism and N.S. get along well, based on this principle, that the interests and form of government of one nation should not be viewed as a threat to another. In other words "mind your own business" and let independent nations remain independent.

    And unlike democracies which believe that they only have the best form of government and all others must follow their lead or face the prospect of a world war.

    I'll be happy to add to this short list of diffetrences if asked to.
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