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Thread: The Big Debate: And in this corner....KEN booo boo.

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    The Big Debate: And in this corner....KEN booo boo.

    LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - On Tuesday, February 4, a much anticipated debate between Ken Ham, and Bill Nye, "the Science Guy" will take place before an estimated audience of 1 million viewers. The two will debate creationism versus evolutionary theory, and whether creationism or science should be taught in schools.

    Ken Ham is the founder of the Creation Museum, a museum in Kentucky that showcases evidence to suggest the planet is only 6,000 years old. Exhibits feature dinosaurs, and humans interacting with the creatures. The museum has been struggling, so the debate is expected to bring an influx of cash and attention to the facility.

    Ken Ham is also the founder of "Answers in Genesis" a creationist website that uses biblical interpretations to argue for young earth creationism and Christian fundamentalism.

    Meanwhile, Bill Nye represents a scientific view, which is prevalent in most schools and academia across the United States. The scientific view, which is most accurately summed by the theory of evolution, originally proposed in detail by Charles Darwin, and refined over the past one and a half centuries, is bolstered by a substantial body of physical evidence.

    Nye believes that creationism should not be taught in schools, because it is not a valid scientific theory. Rather, creationism is based on faith, which requires the acceptance of certain teachings without evidence.

    Catholics should know that Christian fundamentalism is quintessentially Protestant, not Catholic. The Catholic Church does permit belief in human evolution, as well as accepting other prevailing scientific theories such as the origin and age of the universe and planet Earth, global warming, and of course, human evolution. The Catholic Church teaches that science and religion are not incompatible, and that God still governs as the First Mover and Creator of all things. God also remains engaged in His creation.

    In the Catholic view, a better understanding of science leads to a better understanding of God. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, located in Vatican City, is in fact the world's oldest, continuous scientific mission.

    Still, many Catholics identify more with young earth creationism, than they will with Bill Nye, or anything remotely close to an atheistic worldview. So while most Protestants will firmly support Ken Ham and the Creation Museum, Catholics will probably find themselves divided on the debate.

    Of course, the dichotomy of any debate such as the one that will be taking place on Tuesday, is a false dichotomy. Viewers are being asked to either favor a Protestant fundamentalist young earth creation story, or a scientific, atheistic view of the universe. This is a false dichotomy because, it is highly likely that both sides are wrong.

    The debate will be broadcast live, online. Undoubtedly, soundbytes will propagate to YouTube in the blogsphere shortly afterwards.

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    As I said. Manolete will ignore the question put to him and just start another thread. He's a troll.
    How to make yourself look a fool in one sentence....

    (P.S. worshiping only has 1 p not 2.)

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