Saluts mes nouveaux copains! My username is a shortened and Latinized version of my name. I know much of the ancient Romans and I'm also a student of the sciences, so studying a bit of Latin was kind of essential. Primarily my knowledge is within history, though I have put much study and thought into political theory and economics. Hopefully I'll enjoy debating with or against everyone here. Previously I spent some time on the site Defending the Truth, under the name Locke23; a tribute to my second favourite philosopher, John Locke of 17th century England (Rene Descartes being my favourite). I am a Dualist Liberal (a term I kind of invented) which means I support the accommodation of more socialist ideas into capitalism and the destruction of massive gaps between rich and poor. Also, I'm a deist who despises theocracy but also the tyranny of complete secularism. Lastly, I hate homophobes, racists and sexists.