The Mexican-Americans : A future Quebec.
Sooner or later they will grant amnesty to the many millions of undocumented mexicans living here.

But what will that look like in the future. Will mexicans integrate in the broader melting pot or can we expect something different from this huge Latino,Spanish speaking population.

Once this huge population is legalized ,the mexican community will be the largest non white ,non anglophone segment of the population. And while there may be exceptions .most mexicans will choose to remain apart from the rest of the melting pot.
keep in mind that the illegals are returning back to the areas their ancestors once inhabited and they are the only group classified as illegal to do so.

The Mexican hates to be confused with other Latino groups such as the Cubans or P.R.s or Panamanians.

He resents these other groups and considers them as racial misfits and uncouth slobs.

Thusly the mexican community will enjoy their own cultural and social centers ,their own businesses and political parties [they will be the largest minority group in america]
and even their own country clubs . And many will have it both ways. They will participate in the anglo world when its convenient for them to do so and remain ion the Mexican community if not.

This will result in the Mexicans reclaiming lands they lost as a result of the war with the USA ,without having to form a separate nation.
If you don't know Mexicans ,then you don't know beans!!