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Thread: Creators of wealth.

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    Creators of wealth.

    Think of the great wealth this country possesses. Think of the great wealth this country has created in the past.

    All this as a result of the many talents and creativity of the people that live here. Think of all those who arrived from Europe with great skills and taught America the value of having a work ethic and the need for thrift.

    All this helping to make this country what it is today :the wealthiest country in the world.

    But the question is ;what have the governments of this country ever done to help the people that live here.The answer is nothing!

    The truth is that 95% of the citizens of this country have used their skills and labor in order to make the top 5% extremely wealthy while the masses do not know if they will have a job next month or be able to pay their rent or mortgage payments.

    Millions are denied access to good medical care and are left having to beg church charities just to see a doctor.

    So where did all the money go and how did it get there?

    For the answer you need to understand how the stockmarket moguls have ripped of the masses, going back to when shares were traded underneath the willow tree in lower Manhattan in the late 18th.cent.
    With the smiling approval of the gullible congress and with the chuckling up their sleeves ,the parasites that saw nothing in this country but another chance to weave their web of financial control and to spread their depravity into the veins of america's less informed public.

    And this has come down to us today.
    unless america solves this problem it will be both politically and financially annihilated in just a few more years.

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    This has been a hot debate.

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