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Thread: Plan B, Birth Control & Anti-Abortion Crowd

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    Plan B, Birth Control & Anti-Abortion Crowd

    It makes no sense at all to me that the anti-abortion group would not embrace Plan B (morning after med) and support any legislation improving access to birth control for everybody who wants it.

    To be against either one leaves me with no other determination except the abortion protestors would no longer have anything to protest because both of the above threaten to eradicate abortion.

    Both of the above are wonderful tools for preventing unwanted pregnancy and if more people used either one, the need for abortion would drop.

    Doesn't it make sense that if you disagree with abortion, you would naturally embrace methods to prevent it?

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    Why Destroy Healthy Life in the Womb?

    Destroying healthy life in the womb makes as much sense as killing healthy life outside the womb.

    All healthy life must be preserved for posterity . You never know who or what may be gaining on you.

    Ever tour the ghettos of america's premier cities?

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    The worst thing I see happening is kids having kids, plan b is something that has certainty helped with many unexpected pregnancy's.

    We should also consider the life of the young parents that will be sideline do to a unexpected child....

    That's what I think..

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