The Federal Department of Education.

The federal Department of Education should fund and oversee states’ administrating standard federal examinations.
There should be an authoritative objective reference that would enable parents to evaluate and compare their children’s and their children’s classes achievements and for anyone to evaluate and compare the achievements of all public schools and school districts throughout the entire nation.

We’ve recently have had examples of permitting states and local governments to write, monitor and evaluate their own tests with no federal oversight.

Publishing the results of uniform tests administered by the states in a standard manner and overseen by the U.S. Department of Education gives us reason to hope for valid evaluations. Due to partial or full federal funding of the tests exposes fraudulent activists to federal prosecution.

I don’t perceive any evidence that the federal government has superior insight of teaching or educational administration.
The Department of education can serve as a “clearing house” for further evaluating publishing what’s been apparently the most promising educational developments throughout the entire world.

The federal government operates among our largest civil and military aggregate schools and classes. Developments and experiences of those schools and classes should be included within the Department of Education’s distributed publications. It’s redundant for the Department of Education itself to attempt developing educational methods.

Respectfully, Supposn