"We the people" are the greatest resource the United States of America has to offer. We are the power of this nation. We are the muscle that builds the monuments of greatness, the weapon that defends the innocent, and the money that drives commerce. We are also the loudest unheard voice of all time. For more than two hundred years, men chosen by the people have controlled us. Volunteers from each of the fifty states have defended our sovereignty. And honest men and women have devoted their lives to making "The American Dream" an acheivable reality for those who choose to come to America. We the people are the strength that holds the country together. Or we were.
Now, we are becoming a people dependent on Big Brother to give us money, food, and healthcare. We, collectively, feel that we are entitled to these things. We see it as our god-given right. We have become willing to trade the priceless pearl of freedom for worthless trinkets. The funny thing is that it's not our fault. For generations, we have been raised to believe that this is real freedom, and that these worthless baubles are not worthless. Even illegal immigrants are freely given things like drivers licences, welfare, and healthcare the moment they cross the border. An open hand is a good thing. But not when it compormises a man's ability to provide for himself. It's the old axiom about teaching a man to fish, but on a massive scale. The men we put in power continue to hand out free fish to anyone who wants it. But they ardently refuse to teach him how to get a fish on his own, and eventually, a man stops believing in his ability to provide for himself. They take from the fishermen, the honest workers, the hard-won labor of their own hands, tell them they don't have a choice, and hand it out to people who have been raised to never do an honest day's work. Stop giving away the earnings of a worker, and the man who receives such free and clear handouts will learn very quickly how to get it for himself.
Not only is the government that we put in place tearing away our freedom to earn our living for ourselves, but it is blatantly removing the freedom of a man to defend himself. The US Constitution, one of two specific historical documents on which the United States of America was founded, states that "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The poor horrible sentence structure and abominable punctuation notwithstanding, let's break down the meaning of the Second Amendment. A militia is a force composed of non-professional soldiers who can be called upon to fight in a combat situation. This does not include the United States military. By intent, if not by definition, the National Guard does fit the bill for a militia; members hold jobs and careers outside of the Guard and are only called upon in a time of crisis. These militia are considered to be "necessary to the security of a free State," as stated in the Second Amendment. The men and women serving in the militia are constitutionally bound to defend the freedom of the state, and, by extension, the citizens of the state. These freedoms include "the right of the people to keep and bear arms," a right of which the United States federal government is chomping at the bit to relieve us. There is no gray area here, no debatable exceptions or arguable reservations. The people of the United States of America have every right to own and carry firearms, regardless of the purpose. If I want to use a rifle to hunt, I have that right. If I want to carry a sidearm to shoot some XXXXXXX who tries to mug me, fine. If I want to have a shotgun stashed in the house in case of a break-in, good for me.
Lastly, our freedom to live without obligation to another sovereign nation is being taken. We, as a country, are like a young man living far beyond his means, with no hope of repaying the debts he has accrued. As of 7 March 2013, the United States of America is in debt by no less that $16,701,000,000,000. To put this into perspective, the average American working man makes around $50,000 every year. What is the first thing you do when you decide you need to pay off your debt? You cut your expenditures to the bare necessities. Is the government doing this? Not by a long shot. $570,000 a year, plus numerous expense accounts and nearly $200,000 every year after service of term for the President, and $174,000 for congressman and senators (plus all the raises they routinely vote themselves)? I'd hardly call any of that necessary. But instead of chopping salaries and entitlements to these corrupt, blood-sucking leeches, we'll instead cut the benefits of the men and women in uniform defending the country (Average salary for a junior enlisted military member is about $28,000). Good plan, right? Definitely.
I am not suggesting a gradual shift in government policy, or a slow, methodical change in paradigm. I am not suggesting that we continue to allow a corrupt system to remain so. I am not, in fact, suggesting anything. I am calling for those who believe with me to begin a movement to radically shift the balance of power away from the government and back into the hands of the people, where it belongs. When do we, the people, stand up and shout that it has gone too far? When does the honest, hardworking man cry for relief from the oppression of a system that has grown progressively more corrupt as the years go on? When is it necessary for a people to rise up and say enough? We have written letters to our senators and congressman, we have voted for men who promise change and hope, we have tried the acceptable channels of Democracy and the Republic. It has not changed a thing, and the men and women of the USA are being threatened with disarmament, debt, and dependance more with every new presidential term. It is time to rise up and scream from every street corner, every rooftop, and the lawns of the White House and the Capitol Building that we will not quietly allow our rights to be truncated. So I say the time is now.