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Thread: Gun Control

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    Gun Control

    Violence is bad news no matter how you slice it or dice it.Not sure regular gun control is the issue though. Do you know people are making guns that shoot potatoes at 100 miles an hour... that could do some serious damage if it hit you. This is the problem.... you wake up and eat and sleep violence. It is on your Tv and video games and all through out the society. Students that think it is okay to harass other weaker students... cheerleaders snubbing others.. it is everywhere. The point is... the people who are the killers in our midst will be killers even if guns are taken away. There is something missing in the brains. It starts when people think they are superior to others and deserve more. Everyones little girl is a princess. Things like that are the problem. The killers will kill no matter if a gun is involved or not.. I realize guns make it easier just to pull a trigger... but, someone who is serious about killing will do it anyway. They have been murderers from the beginning. Fear is not from God.. so why is our government ruling in fear based policies. if you are doing something that makes you afraid to sleep at night would it not be easier to try to stop the thing you are doing!

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    whaat ?

    is it really so ?

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