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Thread: Am I being scammed ?

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    Am I being scammed ?

    Hello to all who read this. Thank you for taking your time to do so.

    Recently I got a call from a lady claiming that she is from UK State Loterry and she told me I won 450,000 !!! She said that she will send me a check for 4,850 to cover the $4,100 processing fee. All I have to do is to call Mr. James Williams deposit the 4,850 check, wait for it to clear, withdraw 4,100 in cash, and wire it via Western Union. Then their special courier company will deliver my 450,000 certified check.

    (Yeah, I know the drill. I deposit the check, it clears the next day, I withdraw and wire the money, and 3 weeks later the bank says the check was counterfeit and takes their 4,850 back. Meanwhile, the 4,100 is gone for good and no 450,000 check is on the way.)

    I google the number and I am not the only one who has got a call from this lady by now. It seems she has been scamming all around UK! If you ever get a call like this or any other scam call you can check online in the scamalert database whether the number is already known as a scam. More than 500,000 known scammer numbers are already stored, and the database is daily updated. WATCH OUT !!!!
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    I think many scam artist using that way to get the information of people to using it in dating scam.Even they using military identity for getting the information from the general public.So you must enclose your information only to those person to whom you know closely.
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    Thanks i'll remember to never do that.
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