Nothing really new here but there have been lots of articles recently about adjuncts getting hours cut because of ObamaCare:

College Instructors Losing Health Coverage Under Obamacare

Similar to what is being played out in other industries, academia is cutting back on the hours of adjunct (i.e., part-time) faculty so that they aren’t eligible for heath insurance coverage under the so-called Affordable Care Act.

“A new piece in the Wall Street Journal reports that many colleges are cutting back on the number of hours worked by adjunct professors, in order to avoid new requirements that they provide healthcare to anyone working over 30 hours per week. This is terrible news for a lot of people; 70 percent of professors work as adjuncts and many will now have to cope with a major pay cut just as requirements that they buy their own health insurance go into effect …

“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen serious unintended consequences from Obamacare, and it’s unlikely to be the last. It’s already become painfully obvious that the law’s creators failed to think through its full implications.”

I honestly wasn't surprised when I heard this but for some reason when it was being passed it didn't seem like the biggest problem with the bill. Turns out this is hurting a LOT of people. Recently I was speaking to a controller for a company in Virginia that has numerous stores. The controller was telling me how they are going to have to hire a bunch of new people because of ObamaCare. I thought that was odd but the controller went on to say that they would be cutting most people's hours to get below the 30 mark and hiring more part time workers. Some part-time managers would get bumped to full time and get healthcare. This person thought this was great and ObamaCare was to thank. I couldn't believe it. Basically the controller felt that it was good some people were getting health care and that they were hiring. Apparently it didn't dawn on this person that you are basically cutting everyone's pay, FORCING them to get another job, and still offering no health care. Chances are also good that these people will either fork over the fine or have to pay for insurance out of pocket.

And now we see it is the same story for adjunct professors. Adjunct's already get the shaft on pretty much everything. To top it off the government has done something that will make their life even more miserable. Instead of adjuncting at one school they will now have to spend time and money going between school systems to make a living...and still get no health care.

Great job putting together a health care bill written by Drug and Insurance companies that STILL screws over the poor.