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    Berehis #5; verse 42.

    Thus Said God, the Erternal, Creator of the heavens and He who spreads them out; who laid out the earth "and created" what comes forth from it: who gives "the" breath "of life" to the people upon "the earth", and a "holy" spirit to those who walk there" before Him": I, the Eternal, have justly appointed... you, "Yeshayah" and I will support you. I fromed you and assigned you "to bring My " nation "back" to "MY" covenant; to "be" a light "for" the tribes "of Yisrael"; to enlighten blind eyes, "that thereby" prisoners will be released from confinement, "and" those who dwell in darkness, from prison. I am the Lord Eternal; that is My name. I " therefore" will not let MY GLORY be given to another, nor MY praise to idols. "MY" frist "promises" indeed happened, and new "promises" I am "now" telling "you"; before they develop, I let you hear "about them"

    Those who travel by sea and those who "live" there permanently: "even" islands and their inhabitants! Sing to the Eternal a new song,"and proclaim" His praise from the far ends of the earth! The dersert and its "future" cities will raise "their voice in song"; those who "now" live like Kedarim, "but in the future will live in" open cities. "The dead" who dwell in the rocks will "then" sing praises; they will shout from mountain tops. The Eternal will go forth like a mighty one; like a master of wars He will arouse "HIS" zealous passion. He will sout exultantly "and" even yell; He will overcome His enemies.

    "The Eternal says:" I have long kept silent, "and" I "always" stay silent; I restrain MYself "But now, like a woman giving birth,I will cry out; I will hasten and strive to consume "all MY enemies" together. I will destory mountains and hills, and parch all theis plants; I will turn rivers into islands, and dry out pools. I will lead the "once" blind along a way they did not know " to follow"; I will guide them on paths which they did not know. I will turn what is dark before them into light, and the uneven into the level. These things I shall do, and will not refraine from "doing" them. "but" those who place their trust in an idol, who say to a metal image,"you are our god" they will turn their backs "in shame" and feel deep humiliation.

    The deaf ones, "Yisrael"-listen! and the blind ones -look "and" see! Who is the "most" blind "among you" other than MY servant? and the deaf person "among you" is like MY messager "whom" I send. wWhoever "was once" blind is "now" like one who paid up "his debts","whoever was once" blind is 'now" like the servent of the Eternal. "There are" many spectacles "before you", but you are not careful "to observe them", "I am" arousing "your" attention, but none "of you" listen. The Eternal desires "to show you lessons and to arouse your attention" for the sake of His righteousness; He "therefore" increases Torah and strengthens "it for you". But they are a plundered and ravaged people; all "their"young men are broken- hearted, and were hidden in prisons. They have become plunder and there is no saviore; pillage, and no one says, "return the plunder"! Who among you will pay attention to this, "and" will listen carefully and hear "what will hold firm for him" in the end? Who gave Ya'akov over for pillage, and Yisrael to plunders? Was it not the Eternal? "what caused it was that" we sinned to Him, and " that our fathers" did not wish to follow His ways and did not heed His Torah. So He poured "out" upon "them" His furious wrath and war-might. It "frist" blazed around them,but they did not "care to" comprehend, and it "then" burned among "them", but "they still" did not take it to heart.

    The world needs to comprehend the situation we find ourselfs. The world has lost its power for honest moeal leadership!When we allow people to take God out of the schools "we have lost our way"!This country and other nations were built on the fundamentals of righteousness,and the ideals of equality of all people and races of the world.These ideals were fought by great men as well as woman thruogh out history. These great people believed in the foundation of Gods law and teachings.

    Ask yourselfs this question? Have we as a civilized world been going forwards or backwards? For years we have climbed laboriously up a hill with no end in sight on when we will get there. If nothing else its just getting worse. our leaders lie to us all the time about this that and the other. Its time for a change!

    Perceiving the future in peace and harmony is not something that we can not have! We have to stand up for what we believe in and want for our children. I do not want to leave the world in so much hate and dis content for my son nor any ones childeren.

    When we allow our children to get shot down in the streets by gang wars and drive bys and let people prey on them then you know we have lost our way and path!?When we tell our children thats its okay to be homosexuals then you know that we have lost our way!?When we allow people to make billions of dollars messing up our childrens minds by music that tells them its okay to sell crack and kill you know we have lost our path!? IT does not matter what type of music it is if you are selling death then its time for you to go! When a child goes out to play and steps on a land mine and is killed or worse then you knoe we have lost our way!?No child in any country should have to even to think about those things!/ No child should be forced to fight a war or ever go hungry.!??????When a sucide bomber goes to a market and kills a hundred people then you know we have lost our way!?

    My faith is judiasm and I love God. God does not want us to be meek or quite!?The world is in bad shape and it needs to change. The truth of the matter is I do not care what my country or what any other country thinks about what i am saying in the least bit.Poeple in prison were trying to kill me for years and i am used to the drama.There are two songs by disturbed that go out to the people who were trying to kill me in standish. Staff and inmates. Conflict,and droppen plates. Im a man and a leader i have never been a follower in my life.Every since i got out of prison these people have been telling everyone that i am a monster and no good. that i have not changed,i just want people to think i have changed.I have seen enough blood and hate my whole to break the strongest person. God told me that he believed in me and had faith in me. NO one ever has ever told me that,not even one person in my family.I love God and i have know problems with speaking out! God blessSee More

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