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Thread: Impending gun control measures

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    =Brady;470114]Josh Sugarmann, VPC executive director and author of the study states, "There is now a wider variety of assault pistols available on the civilian market than ever before. Able to accept high-capacity ammunition magazines filled with assault rifle rounds that can penetrate police body armor, concealable next-generation AK-47 and AR-15 pistols place law enforcement at an unprecedented risk. At the same time, assault pistols that defined the drug wars of the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as the UZI pistol and MAC-10, are being sold under federal law with no more restrictions than a traditional six-shot revolver.
    VPC - New Violence Policy Center Study Warns of "Next Wave" of Assault Pistols for Sale in the United States (01/29/2013)
    Brady you really gotta get over this VPC thing you got going on.Assault this assault that.It really gets old. You know it's your buddy Sugermann that started the whole "assault weapon"saying to try and convince the people that didn't know any better that semi-autos' were machine guns to further his gains or agenda. Gosh is the mac-10 and Uzis' capable of penetrating police body armor?Using ("cop killer bullets" of course) Josh Sugarmann of the anti-gun Violence Policy Center has a License to Sell Guns. | your hero?

    Pistols with assault clips that can fire cop killer bullets should definitely be banned.
    The cop killer bullet is a hoax Brady. GunCite-Gun Control: "Cop-killer" Bullets

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    Reality check

    Use at a range does not satisfy the need for a firearm. We need firearms primarily to oppose tyranny. I doubt that we can arrange for the tyranny to oppress us only at gun ranges.

    People also need weapons to protect themselves against criminals. again, being robbed at gunpoint at a gun range is not the usual scenario, and 24 year olds as well as 34 years olds have this need for weapons.

    as with other constitutional rights (such as free speech) there is no way to allow good citizens to be free without taking the risk that some will abuse the right. we must all be free to respond verbally or to shoot back as the situation requires.


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