Bribery sins…
.Spurns and prides are taking passes.
Passing balances all are cases and tasks.
Some retakes are warrants put.
Pick the tough ropes not only straws to last.
PINKO god-some will need the disciplines.
Doors to Eden just are door ajar.
Some things harmonic needed our justices to cohere.
Feels are fear alarms that mighty come.
Something uprights needed our uprising.
China premier WENJIABO bribery sins then some of them must also sinning with so.
Natures all at your becks and calls is china commie also those with heavy troops.
Who will care our nature sin then sinning more as one.
Some may still become award with laws.
So as Wraths become our dues by gods or by laws.
Poor have little bed-spaces to live.
WENJIABO BEDELS buy a street or less.
House commodious like a premise set with garden.
EX-HONG KONG commissioner LEUNG OIL SEE just declare and verify good or bad as nothing dues but She mean the ruling of China commie.
Who will make the senses as only all for commie ruling all by means of LEUNG OIL SEE..
What is good but who is bad.
What is nothing? Who but no one can do a lot of sins with says.
Objects most are things relay to subjects.
Who will call you sir and sure For you as PINKO.
-----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------