Fishing island….
Gridlock takes the counts all may due to fishing island.
Nations court cases or it is quarrels come with wars.
Who is best and win by funny counts.
Fishing island retakes may be china ought.
So for country altogether those are righteous some then there are Tibet laws on other ways.
Please return Tibet to DAMAI LAMA.
Of courses The Tibet should be free from China going with DALIA LAMA under reasons shame for China Fishing Islands. All is ready until laws are all except by ways.
‘China laws are forces or might. Might is right. Ways may needs and always those are facts.
Cattle calls are China P.L.A. in show or even deadly fights. Army counts or cattle market more or less as there must be one or some. Catty china tyrant does their tricks. Chinas try to speak to Japan cauliflowers ears with blows. Must there all are causations latter on. China should beware of causations. Just return the Tibet to Dalai LAMA.
On the ways for other issues with other boarders Taiwan honor Taiwan lands. Brownie points are laws to have been followed. Taiwan gets the Taiwan laws. Taiwan may fight for right.
Taiwan songs are best to sing by Taiwan girls or Taiwan stars.
----------Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3----------.