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Thread: Don't Apply Anti-Discriminination Laws Against Individuals

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    Don't Apply Anti-Discriminination Laws Against Individuals

    " 'To letí adverts often specify that a flatmate should be from a preferred ethnic group or have a particular sexual orientation.

    "However human rights experts have warned that under the Equality Act 2010, it is unlawful for someone letting or sub-letting a property to 'discriminate against or victimize' interested parties based on their religion, race, age, marital status, sexuality or physical ability....."
    'Gay flatmate wanted' ads break equality laws - Telegraph

    This is happening in England. However, I don't think it's the government's business if I want to live with someone of a particular race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. I shouldn't be prosecuted for such preferences.
    "Indeed, not a word in the constitutional text even arguably supports the Courtís overwrought and novel description of the Second Amendment as 'elevat[ing] above all other interests' 'the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms in defense of hearth and home.' Ante,at 63."
    -Justice Stevens on the Heller ruling

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    The Brits used to say that what happened in the US came to the UK in a decade.
    Now it seems the other way around...except quicker
    I doubt that your constitution can protect you from the government making it their business

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