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Thread: What's your average commute?

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    What's your average commute?

    My average commute in the past six years has been right around 10 miles to and from work. Over the past three years I have began using an electric bicycle that can travel up to 25 mph, though I've had it up to 33 (wheeee). It has a range of 10-15 miles on a 4 hour charge... The kit was $329.00 for the 500 watt front wheel mounted motor with the 36volt battery pack, a $100.00 bicycle from a local bike shop and I've traveled over 5,000+ miles in the last three years on it. For the price of making a pot of coffee a day I have urban travel w/o the high costs of owning and operating a combustion engine vehicle.

    What's your average commute... have you considered alternatives to your current transportation?

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    My commute now is on the bus, about 15 minutes one way. I get an "eco pass" from work and it's great. For 18 years my commute was 15 minutes walking, but I moved, fortunately to a place where the bus works well. For 25 years I didn't even own a car, but now I have a Subaru and I drive it about 10 miles a month. I really feel sorry for people who spend hours driving in traffic, and I wish it was easier to get out of that horrible situation.
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