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Thread: Looking good but ...

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    So this forum is dead, Der Spiegel is dead and you are bored so you came knocking in my private messages.

    Ask Audrey your "real" friend to keep you entertained or get help for your obsession with forums.


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    "You're gone, gone, gone away,

    I watched you disappear.

    All that's left is a ghost of you.

    Now we're torn, torn, torn apart,

    there's nothing we can do,

    Just let me go, we'll meet again soon..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    I participated for a while in a forum in English run years ago by Deutsche Welle and it was good and lively, although the same as here, a bunch of conservatives took over it and bullied those who thought differently. It closed after a few years. Der Spiegel also ran and still run a blog and a forum but hardly anyone posts there because nowadays it is moderated i.e. your posts only appear after they are approved by the administrators and this takes a day at least, longer if you post during the weekend.

    Nowadays every living thing and even non-living things such as newspapers and magazines are in Facebook, where you can comment about their stories instantly, just like in a forum. I occasionally read the comments in Facebook of readers of El Mercurio (emol) of Santiago de Chile, but I am not in Facebook, therefore I don't comment. So yes, the so called 'social networks' killed the forums.

    Forums such as this one are simply the last refuge of the Freedoms, Easyriders, gansaos, zsu2357s, Doc Jones etc. It is useless, as you say, to try to dialogue with them. Also, no one has much to say about movies, books or art in any form which are topics that really interest me. For example, I watched last night "Pierrot le fou" (anything by Godard I watch and more than once) but no one here would know what I am talking about.

    So let the Freedoms, Easyriders, gansaos, zsu2357s, Doc Jones etc rant on and on, I couldn't care less.

    I suppose this forum will continue for as long as it is profitable, how long will it be? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Comrade,it could be you and Jet are right in as much as nothing new happens people don't stay around long but the thing is everyone is bound and determined they are right. And when that happens there is no debate or someone seeing another point of view that the other may put forth. It's I'm right and your wrong. It's like I used to tell my wife"I don't like fighting with you because fighting implies a chance to win or be right." I've seen you do it and Jet, yes and me.
    Does this look familiar? So let the Freedoms, Easyriders, gansaos, zsu2357s, Doc Jones etc rant on and on. But yet I see you don't mention you Jet,Penfold (sorry to drag you in)or Galileo, Dani and et al. like it's our fault.Man up share it. Just saying. As you know I'm speaking of gun control forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston Smith View Post
    snip (a mentally retarded ignorant)
    You know many mentally retarded people are able to lead productive lives, don't you? Why do you have to use their disadvantages in a negative manner of attack on others? How do you think that a mentally retarded person would feel, if they read or heard that ignorant and hateful rant, repeated?

    When I was an undergrad, I worked in a group home that housed mentally retarded people. They were all very nice people, yes they had problems, all people do, but it's people like you that make it harder for them to get their problems reined in. All that most mentally retarded people want to do is to get a long in society. But with so many ignorant and intolerant people like you, making that all the more difficult for them to do, by your hateful language, it's even tougher for them to do than it would be naturally.

    And you say "looking better but..."

    What a joke that subject line turns out being, considering the source. I'm sorry to say it, but it's shameful to know that you too are a human being.

    "Profanity (or name calling) is the last refuge of the truly ignorant."

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