Obama is unqualified to lead this country and has exhibited this through his economic and Foreign policies that have resulted in the worst recovery in the history of the United States next to the great depression also exacerbated by a Democrat named Roosevelt.

You don't believe me? Well here is Obama in his own words having the only lucid and honest moment he made before he became a candidate:

Obama Admits He's Unqualified For '08 Run - YouTube

Here is what his fellow Democrat party leaders believed:

Joe Biden swears Obama is not ready to be president - YouTube

But alas, as has been evidenced by his entire Presidency he never spoke truer words than these.

Let's look at his failures and his record over the last 3 years:

$5 trillion in additional debt and climbing.

Four years of $1.3 trillion plus deficits; larger than any previous President and with no end in sight.

A $1 trillion (including interest and probably under estimated) stimulus package passed along straight party lines and that did nothing to stimulate economic activity and added to the massive debt and deficits we are experiencing.

His iconic Health Care reform not really anything of the sort and now most likely to be overturned as unconstitutional as are many of his actions the last three years.

Inflationary spiral in food and gas with gas fast approaching $4.50 to $5.00 dollars a gallon. Funny how this was major news when Bush was in office and gas hit $4.00 a gallon but nary a word about it from the mainstream news today.

His actions and rhetoric against the Coal industry, the Oil industry and the banking industry that have destroyed job creation and killed the ability of individuals and businesses to borrow money.

The Middle East is a mess; Asia and the Korean continent is a mess and there is no substantial foreign policy that Obama can point to that could be considered successful or even coherent.

Does anyone really want FOUR MORE YEARS of this President and an administration so inept it has become an embarrassment?

We need someone who knows how to run Government, manage its finances and prevent Government intrusion into every facet of our lives. We need someone with fiscal discipline and who is not going to pander to every special interest with their hands out.

We need someone interested in REAL reform in Medicare, Social Security and taxation and we NEED someone who will defend this great Constitution and the rights and liberties inherent in that document not Democrats who like Obama find it inconvenient.

VOTE for MITT ROMNEY! We donít want another four years of debt increases, massive deficits and malaise.