Our founders basically indicated that a free press was necessary and essentially a fourth branch of our National Politics by maintaining a watch on our political leaders and keeping the populace informed.

Those days are long gone as the mainstream media have shed their veil of non-bias and indicated that they are completely in the tank for the Democrats and Obamanomics.

Whenever we see so-called journalists interviewing Republicans they engage in an argument over the answers they are getting when it deviates from their false narratives and derogatory comments towards Conservative policies.

Look at the Trevor Martin case where gin laws are on trial and people who claim self-defense are tried and criminalized in the court of public opinion before a court hearing and jury has even been assembled to determine the facts.

Look at the false and completely inane narrative that the Republicans are engaged in a "war on women."

Look at the panels on news programs MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS or NBC when discussing Republican Candidates and defining them you never, or rarely, see Conservatives on these panels but rather a veritable list of left wing journalists who never have a good thing to say about Conservatives and engage in "group think" and chuckling at the notion of balancing budgets, liberty and freedom from Government intrusions and taxation.

Newspapers constantly include OPINIONS rather than news and attempt to misinform rather than inform. If one relies on the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post or USA today they will be profoundly uninformed about what is REALLY happening out there particularly when it comes to the upcoming election and Republican candidates.

There is ZERO talk of the deficits; but under Bush it almost was a daily diatribe. There is little if any talk about unemployment; but rather an attempt to suggest that things are getting better when the REALITY is that jobs are continuing to disappear and the REAL unemployment rate is closer to 12%. Under Bush we saw a never ending attempt to suggest that the 4% unemployment rate was closer to 8.5% or 9% and didnít reflect the real rates; today, they are fine reporting 8.5% and suggesting it is a sign of recovery.

There is ZERO talk about how this President and his former Democrat controlled house and Senate spent us into an additional $5 trillion debt becoming over $6 trillion before this Presidents First term; a faster increase than the previous two Presidents with 8 year terms.

No, they would rather engage in false dialogues about "White" Latinos or "whites" killing blacks; regardless of the FACT that blacks youth are at much higher risk of being killed by other blacks.

No, they would rather engage in the farcical laughably stupid rhetoric that Republicans are engaged in a "war on women" with no one really challenging such an idiot claim made in vacuum of reality or facts and mainly based on lies, distortions and partisan opinion.

The mainstream media is now engaged in a desperate effort to define the Republican candidate as an out of touch rich kid who has never had to struggle and who cannot possibly understand the problems of the average citizen. Yet meanwhile, Obamanomics have done more to destroy employment among blacks, teens and middle class Americans than any of his predecessors and his program has sunk us into massive deficits and debt unheard of in American history.

So I suggest that you tune them out or listen to them with a critical ear and question their rhetoric when they desperately engage in their desperate attempts to avoid the massive failure this President and his administration represents.

Listen to BOTH candidates and their positions and regard them with a critical mind and not your emotions. This is an important election and one that must end this Administration before it buries us deeper into a massive hole of red ink, deficits, malaise, debt, inflation and unemployment.