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Thread: Are you satisfied with you nation?

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    Are you satisfied with you nation?

    Hello everyone, please answer my polling question, it will only take you half minute.
    I really need some more results. Thank a lot.
    The question is about american immigration.
    Are you satisfied with you nation? For American Only Survey
    Thanks for answering.

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    What is a "you" nation ? Is that like, when we all have become as a "ewe" and transformed ourselves in to sheeple ?

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    Ain't life funny...

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    I hope this was for a grade school project based on the level of proof reading.

    p.s., Please change your poll question to use the proper words of the English language.

    It should read: What is your sex?
    "If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you're not a racist.....'ll have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you're not an idiot."

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    I think the thread starter was asking: "ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH YOUR NATION?"

    Of course, most Americans realize that our nation is going downhill because of endless wars, endless bailouts for the rich, police brutality (including the police attacking American veterans on the streets), a crumbling infrastructure that has become a laughingstock of the first world (as witnessed in New Orleans).

    However, even though most Americans are poorer than they've been in a long time the rich people are doing really well! They got nearly $1 trillion in bailouts as a reward for ruining the economy.

    So while it may be dark clouds for most Americans, it's a happy sunshiney day for the rich.

    (Yes I realize that sunshiney is probably not a word but so what?)
    Choosing between the Democrats and the Republicans is like choosing between AIDS and cancer.

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