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    The Arc

    The arc A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State produced by the Rand Corporation. It is a giant leap in the right direction into finding a peaceful solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. It is a ten year plan to develop the West Bank one day connecting it to Gaza. It addresses many of the problems the people of Palestine face in forming a viable state. Only with a prospers Palestinian society that resembles the society of the State of Israel will the people of both societies have any real security.

    They spent more than 3 million dollars and four years in the development of this plan. It is a thirty-three billion dollar plan over ten years that addresses the Palestinian issues of transportation, housing, education, commerce, justice and the contiguity of the State of Palestine. It is a very comprehensive plan creating a clear image of a much better way of life for the Palestinian people. Restoring their dignity and hope for a better future for their children is the best first steps towards peace.

    This is the link to an 8 minute and 35 minute video outlining the Arc.The Arc: A Formal Structure For a Palestinian State | RAND
    The Arc: A Formal Structure For a Palestinian State | RAND

    Here is a link to the Rand Corporation’s web page to the Arc Reach Brief. There is a link to the full outline version of the Arc at the bottom of the page.
    The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State | RAND The Arc: A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State | RAND

    These are two links of Doug Sulsman presentation of the Arc at the J Street YMCA New York, NY.
    THE ARC AT J STREET Part - YouTube
    THE ARC AT J STREET Part - YouTube

    THE ARC AT J STREET Part - YouTube
    THE ARC AT J STREET Part - YouTube

    There is no way to peace, peace is the way. The Arc is the way for long term peace to become a reality in the Palestinian/Israeli crisis. The challenges are to make the Arc a reality that more people can see, as well as working out the full implementation of the Arc’s plan. The earlier more people get behind a plan like the Arc the sooner it could become a reality. Everyone should write to their elected representatives letting them know about the Arc and your support of the plan. Who could not support such a plan of a way to peace as the arc. Global Crier

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    God gave the land to Israel. There has never been a "Palestine" or a "Palestinian State" in history. There is no discernable "Palestinian" language or even a cultural history for the Palestinians.

    It also never seems to matter what land you give to the Palestinians - they always go after Israel anyway. They want Israel annihilated.

    Maybe the Palestinians should go talk to Jordan about Jordan annexing the Trans-Jordanian territory originally meant to go to the Palestinians.
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