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Thread: EU blocks green energy - it's too profitable

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    EU blocks green energy - it's too profitable

    The EU has blocked plans to set up large numbers of mini power plants on farms because they will make too much money.

    EU red tape has halted plans to transform more than 100 farms into mini renewable power stations – because they would generate too much green energy.
    Anglesey council wants to install the latest green technology into its island smallholdings, generating millions of pounds from wind and solar energy, rotting food and animal muck.
    European Union rules on state aid to farmers looks to have scuppered the ambitious plans because the potential earnings would be too high.
    Under EU agricultural rules any state backed scheme would limit the cash that could be generated to a maximum of 2,500 Euros (£2,150), ruling out most of the projects.
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    The UK Tory government has just halved the payment for solar energy fed to the grid. The subsidy has been set too high.
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