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    About two years ago, Jennifer Granholm came to my school. This was back when I was in Aviation. She came in a caravan big SUVs and did a talk on the importance of being environmentally friendly. Personally, I don't really have any opinions on global warming and I am not against big SUVs (my mother drives an Escalade, so it really doesn't matter). But when people like Granholm or Gore, etc. are such hypocrites, this makes me slightly angry.

    If you want to be environmentally friendly, do what my dad and I do. My dad doesn't have a car has a 45 year old Schwinn Hollywood he rides to the hospital everyday for work (its about 5 or 6 miles). During the winter if it is to stormy to ride his bike or if they haven't plowed the snow, he runs. I just bought a car about a month ago and I only drive when it is stormy. I have a nicer bike than my dad, but it is still one I recycled from someone's trash. So even though we are not environmentalists, we are doing more for the environment than Granholm and her SUVs. ERR I'm frustrated. I was reminded of this, because I saw a clip of Al Gore on TV just now lol.
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    That's quite funny.

    Of course, saving the environment is totally in and will get you bigtime famous and more importantly, rich. You'll also win a Nobel Peace Prize if you make a Powerpoint presentation about how environmentally friendly you are and how environmentally friendly your neighbours aren't. It doesn't matter if you actually are environmentally conscious or not, just as long as you say you are.

    You know where all of Al Gore's suits come from? Peeled Red Panda.

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