The Democratic Party's loyalty to the BIG UNIONS is greater than their desire to help children, minorities, and the actual teachers.

The direct cash flow into the coffers of the Democratic Party from these BIG UNIONS is the reason.

Tax Payer $$ >> Government >> Public Union Employee >> BIG UNION >> Democratic Party

As an example of the bankrupt morality behind the Democratic Party is the loss of a successful voucher program in Washington D.C.

The predominantly black parents of Washington D.C. were destroyed as were the children when Barack Obama ended their very successful and popular voucher program. Now these kids will slip back into a horrible and failed system and lose the massive success their voucher program was.


The reading skills significantly improved each year of the program. This program proved that in poor urban communities vouchers could be wildly successful, yet the Democrats stomped them out to protect the teachers union and their party's cash flow.

The program also saved significant budget as the vouchers were below the cost of educating a student in the public program.

In fact a new program would not only dramatically improve education for the children, but would also include the parents participation far more, raise teachers' salaries dramatically, and create 30% more teaching jobs. Another side effect, the commercial real estate market would boom. The best part it, it's all quite simple....

The average cost per student K-12 in the U.S.A. is about $10,000 per year.

I propose we take $9,000 per student and give it to their parents in the form of a voucher. We just saved 10% of the total education budget.

We allow acredited teachers to each have (20) students. We just shrunk the class size so each student receives more attention.

Simple math... that is $180,000 per teacher.

Teacher keeps $100,000 in salary. This is maximum. We just gave teacher an amazingly huge raise.

The teacher takes the other $80,000 per year to pay for:

* Books (re-useable)
* Mortgage on the building (they pool with 4-5 other teachers and now save the commerical real estate market and gain a significant retirement asset)
* Furniture, Whiteboards, Projectors, Computers (all re-useable for years)
* Other supplies
* $15K pooled with the 4-5 other teachers for an administrator - that is a job for $60-70K a year for a real professional


1. We have just given teachers massive raises and excellent retirement
2. We have just empowered the parents to choose the teachers
3. We have just opened the teacher talent pool to more people and better people
4. We have just offered students smaller class sizes
5. We have just taken the corruption (unions and Democratic Party) out of education.
6. We have just added 30% more high paying teaching jobs!
7. We have just cut the education budget by 10%.
8. We just created a boom in the commercial real estate market with the need for new schools
9. We just gave the local cities and counties new property to use, rent, or sale to benefit the community from the old schools.

Why won't it happen? Only because of benefit #5

The Democratic Party and Union Bosses have too much money in their coffers to ever allow students, parents, and teachers to realize such an amazing program.
The article not only hit the Union / Democratic Party nail on the head, but explains an excellent solution. It not only exposes the problem, but offers the solution.

I agree 100%