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Thread: Two suggestions

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    Two suggestions

    I have just 2 issues with this site
    1)There is no international forum. I've noticed a European economics, politics subforum, as well as some other, but no Asian, African, Latin American, or any kind of thing. That kind of thing was mandatory in other political and debate forums, but there's no such thing here.
    2)I've noticed that this forum has its share of spammers. I'm active in other forums, and they had several moderators, and usually had 1 just for keeping spammers out and deleting the posts. I would be delighted if this forum is spam-free

    Thank you for taking the time reading this post, and I hope it will have an effect

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    very good suggestion

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    Nice information about the forum , Just good steps to follow and implement , Thanks ,
    Do or Die

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