Currently the per capita of exemption s is $3,650 per capita. Those deductions from taxable incomes are worth $12,775for each exemption to a taxpayer in the 35% tax bracket. Itís only worth $401 per capita to taxpayers in the 11% bracket. It's worth even less or nothing for many of our working poor who pay income taxes.

I advocate eliminating the $3,650 per exemption deduction from adjusted gross income and replacing it with a revenue neutral amount, (greater than $410 and less than $12,775) per exemption is to be deducted from the income tax. After the initial year that amount should be annually cost of living adjusted.

This would be a tax reduction for taxpayers earning less and an increase for those earning more than the median adjusted gross incomes of all income tax payers. Proportionally to adjusted gross incomes, the differences of taxes due to this modification of tax regulations would be significant for lower income earners and almost inconsequential to those earning more than the median gross adjusted income.

This proposal that reduces taxes for all income TAXPAYERS earning less than the median adjusted gross income. It can only cause reduction rather than increasing the number of persons receiving any type of public assistance.

Respectfully, Supposn