As well-known just January 1, 2011 Estonia will enter the eurozone but Bank of Estonia wasn't able to discharge its liability and new Euro coins chopped in Finland Min for Estonia appeared in Lithuanian numismatic shops!
Close to me numismatists has begun a hunt for those coins. Most interesting that some of them suppose that some coins has spoilage in production - with the aided eye you can find out a Nazi gammation in the edge of it! As I understood it could be on edge just for the hell of it. And of course scrap coins has much value for collectors. I this connection there is something in the wind about gammation coins. One says that this is just a hearing for those coins price rising but another one believe that were the limited-run of coins for Estonian leaders only, but through some weird hap got misused!
I think that Estonian officials are known by their neo Nazi moods could arrange about it with Finns. Well, this prank of Estonian one can't get away for them!