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    Last page to first page...

    When a thread grows to past 5 pages, it adds a link that says "last page". Its a good feature, but my suggestion is instead of keeping the first 5 pages numbered and a link to last page, can it be changed to the last 5 pages numbered, and a link to the first page? I think it would be a much better feature as posters who are following the thread can pick up where they left off if they missed a day or 2. Often when I click last page I have to click back to the previous page because posts were added and made a new page. Plus, if someone is checking out the thread for the first time, they really only need the link to the first page.

    Admin could you make this happen? Thanks
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    I'm not sure off the top of my head but you can change the order you view threads from 1st page to last to last page to first which may help with your problem. I set mine that way a long time ago but don't remember how I did it.
    You might check through the user cp settings.

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