Something strange happened this morning...

I drove 40 miles to the Tuesday morning Farmers Market, just as I have on a Tuesday in April in the past 2 years to buy a few chickens... No chickens today!

There were a few old-timers hanging around and vehicles were arriving as I pulled in the lot.
So, I asked a man what the deal was and he pointed to a sign which said something like:
'Farmers Market on this premises is illegal'

He said that the State shut them down last week. The reasons given were that it is inhumane to have poultry in cages and illegal to sell eggs. (Yeah, right! tell that to Tyson )

Being one who does not give up easily, I moved on further down the lot. I recognized a man I bought from last year and asked him if he had any chicken to sell. He said, 'Can't sell them here'. and walked away.
A few minutes later, he whispered to me, 'Do you want to buy some chickens?' and I said I did.

He said he had them at his house, a couple of miles down the road.
So, off we went. I bought 3 nice laying hens for $25 (He wanted $10 each, $2 more than I paid last year but, I chewed him down ) and took off for home.

You know what I felt like at the market? Some kind of drug junkie trying to score some dope on a street corner!!
It really would have been funny if it wasn't so sad.

I've been trying to find laws regulating Farmers Markets and it seems that every city, town and State have their own but, there are certain Federal laws regarding produce and poultry that must be obeyed.
So far, this is the only one I could find on Tennessee: ...can't sell animals at all at this one.

Good god! It's getting where a person just can't make a buck anywhere any more with out the government sticking their nose up your butt!

Anyone had similar experiences lately?