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Thread: Another Question for Travis

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    Another Question for Travis

    I guess I'll automatically win this discussion, since Travesty will be too stuck up to respond to talk to a sixteen year old, and nobody else here holds his moronic views.

    Travis, since you're going on about how society is corrupting the human mind, why don't you tell us what makes you an expert on pscyhology?

    While you're at it, explain what you did learn to learn about psychology and what makes it more credible than a person who went to college for eight years working their arse off to learn about the human mind. Which is opposed to an extremely arrogant psychopath who believes it is OK to kill and harm others for personal gain, but it is not OK to drink coffee or be a professional wrestler, and also believes in some societal heirarchy when you can't even prove it exists.

    But you seem to believe that accusing your opponents of being brainwashed, inferior, and ignorant compensates for having evidence. You think you can win a discussion by yelling louder than your opponent.
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    The psychopath does not think that they have any psychological or emotional problems, and they see no reason to change their behavior to conform to standards with which they do not agree. They are well-satisfied with themselves and their inner landscape. They see nothing wrong with they way they think or act, and they never look back with regret or forward with concern. They perceive themselves as superior beings in a hostile world in which others are competitors for power and resources. They feel it is the optimum thing to do to manipulate and deceive others in order to obtain what they want.
    The Psychopath: The Mask of Sanity
    Sound like anyone around here?

    Don't look for an explanation...even if he was willing to respond to you. The article I linked is by far the best I have ever seen regarding psycopathy. Travis seems to be almost textbook.
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