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Thread: China's one child policy

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    China's one child policy

    I would like your opinions on this piece.

    China’s future will be hobbled by old age | Rosemary Righter - Times Online

    I would like to hear possible future scenarios, actions that China could take to advert or minimise the problem and how/if this will affect Chinas future as a potential super power.

    If this is too much to explain then please give me links or names I could research.

    So that I don’t appear lazy I will try to put forward some ideas.

    It would seem that western countries with similar problems are allowing vast numbers of immigrants in. This would appear difficult for China due to their insular nature.

    They could try to change from providing manufacturing to a service industry. This would be challenging to do within 30 years.

    They could relax their one child policy but this would bring problems of their own.

    Over to you.

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    Another factor.


    I'm currently reading a book of which the title could be translated like this:
    "A China without women?"

    The central issue is the very low figures, of female chinese babies, compared to males, reported through census. The proportions between men and woman are scary.

    The one child policy has worsened a traditionnal way of seeing women in China, that was derived from Confucianism. Despite Mao's statements about woman's emancipation through work (which was actually a smart way of making them do the same work than men - additionally making them look less feminine than ever), and despite influences of taoism and bouddhism through the centuries, women still suffer of an image and a "duty" of inferiority. It seems times are changing in this respect, but quite slowly.

    It is said that through the very long history of this country, boys have always been favoured, and getting rid of female children was a very current thing. Unfortunately, that was reinforced by the one child policy, because since couples didn't have the right to have more than one child, the traditionnal status superiority of males made them prefer having a boy than a girl. That led to dramatic situations such as malnutrition, abandoned children and sometimes, although not in the proportions observed or reported in the earlier centuries, baby killing.

    A country-side saying has been translated like this: "Having a boy is good, having a girl is good too. But having a boy is better".

    Today, without talking about an immediate explosion, some evoke a growing rate of homosexuality through male population, because of the void left by the missing women.

    To be more directly on topic, we can also add that the migrant workers who go to the cities often leave their families behind, in their villages where people are older and older, indeed. I've also read an article recently about a village where there were almost exclusively elderly people, quite alone and lost, who tried to break their loneliness gathering through a new-found christian faith.
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