Look, Georgian opposition started anti Saakashvili’s campaign but European community just doesn’t want to draw its attention at the last events in Georgia! First of all HRW representatives have to come to Georgia where officials are continuing the pressure upon opposition and minority groups too. After the collapse of Soviet Union at the territory of Georgia continued to live Russians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Ossetians. And it’s clear with opposition now, Saakashvili is trying to keep his power and exerts pressure upon everyone.
The situation around Georgian minority groups is most hard. Look, now political movements of minority groups are gaining strengh and last year municipal elections showed that they got 70% of voters but thanks to administrative resources Saakashvili’s party preponderated the voting! The local conflicts among minority groups’ leaders and Georgian officials often accompanied by arrests and prison sentences have been added to it! IMO human rights advocated must focus their attention at Georgia otherwise the civil war is going to erupt here!