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Thread: A little known search convenience:

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    A little known search convenience:

    I used to get very frustrated when I would open up the forum after decreasing it when I left for a while, not logging off, that after coming back and responding to a thread, and then clicking on "NEW POSTS", I didn't get a current updated reflection of all the new posts written. A couple of months ago I clicked on the "QUICK LINKS" button on the top right heading and in the drop down menu was the feature "TODAYS POSTS" this feature gives all of the posts within the past 24 hours whenever you click on it and is just a very convenient way of checking on threads which never show up under the "NEW POSTS" category again after you have clicked on it once. Just so you know.
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    Just a reminder of this little convenience called "Quick Links" on the top right of the page for NEW MEMBERS which gives all posts for the last 24 hours. Here's what the link looks like when you click on it. Then click on "Today's Posts"

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