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Thread: Tither accuses iangb...

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    Tither accuses iangb...

    ...of being 'totally misleading'.

    The relevant post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Tither, post #76, bold added by me
    Besides what Nato556 and TRIGGER said, I would like to add the fact that the Jails and Workhouses of this country are stock full of serious criminals too. That is not prison either. By using the term, first time prison inmates, iangb is being totally misleading. iangb is not counting the Juvenal revolving door population either.
    I'd quite like him to prove that I was being misleading, or retract this.

    It started (as far as I can see) way back in post #64:
    Quote Originally Posted by iangb, post #64
    most murderers only kill one person - 44% of murderers and 60% of those who commit manslaughter have no prior criminal convictions. How are they affected by current gun control?
    I freely admit that the statistics linked here don't (definitely ) prove the phrase 'most murderers only kill one person' - but that's mainly irrelevant, because my main point was the second part - that the 44% of murderers without past convictions could have bought guns in today's America. This was clarified later.

    Tither objected and pulled a few statistics, and I responded with a link to a more comprehensive USDOJ survey than my first link. Probably the first (all-encompassing) relevant post was Tithers response to this survey - in post #71.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tither, post #71
    Quote Originally Posted by iangb quoting USDOJ survey
    For 56% of the 272,111, the prison sentence they were serving when released in 1994 was their first-ever prison sentence
    “First note the words “1994 was their first-ever prison sentence”

    Prison is different from the words previous criminal arrest record.
    My reasons for choosing to look at the stats involving the term 'prison sentence' was then clarified in post #72.

    Quote Originally Posted by iangb, post #72
    @Tither - yes, I know that there is a difference between the types of recidivism. However, most of the current legislation in the US for gun purchase requires no felony convictions for a sale, not that the purchaser has never been arrested (and not convicted) before. Arrest is not proof of guilt.

    This is why I'm looking at prior conviction rates - because those are the things which affect who can buy what, not prior arrests.
    In short, all of our surveys are correct - but the figures you are focusing on are largely irrelevant when it comes to 'who can buy what'.
    Tither then moved onto his accusation. I think that he believes I was trying to make a different point with all of my statistics, but what I actually said is there for y'all to see.

    The truth may be out there, but lies are in your head.

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    I realise this all sounds a little pernikety. However, I've maintained since coming here that I would be as intellectually honest as possible - for example, I've pointed out several times when something I've discovered actually works against what I've been arguing at the time.
    Since Tither invited me here (see the rest of the thread), I figured I may as well.
    The truth may be out there, but lies are in your head.

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    I think you are right.
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    What you say can and will be used against you.
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